Saturday, July 14, 2018

Christmas Eve Lesson in Carols

Backposting for December of 2017

On Christmas Eve, after we celebrated at Mom's, it was time for all of us to head to church for our Lesson in Carols.  We needed to get there early because Lucy, and many other of our Covenant kids, were playing the prelude music as the congregation filtered in.

Here she is, semi-ready, and a LOT nervous right before time to go.

We got to hang out with friends and family before it started.

 Then we all quieted down when it was time for Lucy to start 'Joy to the World.'

This gaggle of girls was all giddy after finding out they would be allowed to sit together.

 My boy, sister, and mom near the end of the evening, right before we sang 'Silent Night.'

Christmas at Mom's 2017

Backposting for Dec of 2017

We had Christmas at Mom's on Christmas Eve this year...

Mom and Paul made an awesome (entirely dairy-free for Lucy) Christmas dinner!!  Seriously, I know enough kids with allergies, that I know that it's not normal for grandparents to be this careful and inclusive.  We are so blessed!!

Opening presents ensued, and beget many hugs, much laughter and gobs of picture taking....

Afterwards, there was general hilarity, men taking naps, and children putting new gifts to good use.

 It was a most lovely Christmas with family!!

Friday, July 13, 2018

High School Progressive Dinner

Backposting for December of 2017

This was super fun, I so enjoyed being a part of it!  The families that hosted loved our youth so well, and showed great hospitality!

This was another event for which I posted a ton more pictures in an album for our church family, but these were the ones I wanted for this blog :)

Appetizers at the first house.

Most of the girls just naturally congregated in one room...

Most of the boys plus a couple girls settled in on the porch.

Adorable decorations at the next house, serving the main course...

We had dessert at the third and final location.

The last house is also where the kids did their white elephant gift exchange.

This event was super fun and contained much warmth and laughter.