Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hunting Eggs at the Farm

The day before Easter, we went to my Aunt Sissy's house (um...her name isn't actually Sissy).  She always has family, church family and friends over, makes baskets for ALL THE KIDS.  (this is a BIG deal)  They have food for everyone, do a presentation of ressurection eggs, have the hunt and just hang out.

Nina and Lu going on a hayride :)

Daddy's least for the moment.

Sissy's incredible buffet...

Stephen and Clyde on the 4-wheeler...

Family and friends singing to my cousin's little girl, Taryn.  Haven't seen her in YEARS!

Papa and Clyde.

All the kids listening to the Resurrection Egg story...

Lu opening her basket and hugging her new bunny :)  She's decided it's a name yet.

Iris eagerly opening her basket...

Couldn't resist this extra one of Lu just because she's so lovely in it :)

Good times!

Resurrection Sunday

We spent Sat night and Resurrection Sunday with Grandad and Grandmom :)  We had a wonderful time!!  They stuffed us full of good food and the kids played til their hearts content.

We woke up Sunday morning to go to worship are the kids in their Easter outfits.  They are VERY proud that they picked them out themselves.  Especially Iris who asked several adults....

"Do you think I look beautiful in my Easter dress?"
"Yes, you look very beautiful."
"But do you think I did a wonderful job picking it out?"
"Yes, you did a wonderful job."
"And did you see my sweater that matches?"

They had an egg hunt after worship....

We went back to Grandad's and I tortured every one by taking more pictures :)  (these are all with Grandmom's mine is still sick)

Then, after lunch, Grandad put together a kid-sized "train" and drove them down to where Grandmom's eggs were they could get MORE eggs!

here they are taking off over the creek

picking up eggs in unison...

It was a lovely day!  Good fellowship with family :)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I wanted to give Soulea his own post.  There are so many friends and family who remember him, love him and ask about him.  He has grown so much since he was here with us!!!  Sorry, I don't have better pictures...these were taken with a disposable...I'll try and do better next time.

And for those of you who have lost track of time....he turned 11 on March 5!

Pictures from NC


I've just now been able to put some pictures up, readers may remember, my camera is broken.  Some of these, Stephen's Aunt Paula took and have been loaded on Stephen's work laptop and some I took with disposables.  I MISS my camera!!!

First, this is Nana, with half of her grandkids.  These would be all of the offspring from her twins (Stephen and Charity)  Soulea, Nana and Clyde in back.  Devonne, Mirzanna and Lucy in the middle.  Then, Makayla and Iris up front.  Sweet kids, all of them!  And they just adore being together :)

Here are Stephen and Charity,

a bunch of the men folk, out with the grill.  Stephen's cousin, Joey, Stephen, his Dad (Brice) cousin Steve and uncle, Milton.

Charity and her fiance, Kevin, helping Mirzanna with a pogo stick.

A bunch of family eating.  Stephen's cousin Joey and his wife Tammy were precious to let us invite ourselves and everyone else over :) 

Stephen's dad (aka Papa) with Devonne :)

bunches of cousins.

Lucy and Courtney swinging across the creek.

Clyde with his VERY favorite cousin EVER, Summer.

Soulea and Dawson, playing what boys play ;)


We had such a great time!  Thanks everybody! Especially Bobbi, Brice, Joey and Tammy!!!  It was awesome seeing everybody!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm sick of projects that HATE me.

So is it okay with everybody if I just burn down my house and live in a tent?

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Wise Old Manchild

Clyde and Iris stand on a chair to hover over me and watch the fascinating act of me boiling eggs.

Iris-* sniffle*  *sniffle*  *cough* *cough*  *clears throat for LONG time*  "I do not like spring!"

Clyde- "I understand, Iris, I do that a lot too."  He gives her a profound and knowing look.

She looks at him pitifully with watery eyes and buries her face in his chest.  He wraps his arm around her bitty shoulders, sympathetically pats her shoulder, then leans over and gently kisses the top of her head.  She pulls her head up to give him a woeful look, drawing from her wiser and older brother, an encouraging smile and assuring nod of the head....for this, too, will pass.