Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Reformation Celebration 2018

Backposting for October 2017

Our church sometimes has a reformation celebration where kids and adults where costumes (if they want) and play reformation related games.... think "Diet of Worms", "Pin the 95 Thesis", "Tetzel's Toss", etc...

On our way to all the fun, we stopped at Panera... couldn't resist some pics...

Some of the big girls!

More big girls!

Clyde and JT... I always wondered if people knew it was Clyde in there...

These two guys definitely knew it was Clyde :P

 Lu ran a booth...   My kids are SO BIG! 😱

 Falkor had some big fans!

Everybody's favorite SuperGirl!

Iris and Katie...

The girls in the jumpy house!

Lucy still working...

So I took lots of pics of the girls, apparently, but Iris is my youngest, so....

Falkor observing all the merriment.

Clyde and Will assisting with a booth!

Halloween 2017

Backposting for fall of 2017

I told the kids to go thrifty this year.  They did awesome!  I think I purchased Lu a tiara, Clyde a cardboard box, and Iris... nothing.

Lucy was Zoe Nightshade from Rick Riordan's Greek mythology books.  She's one of Artemis's huntresses.

Clyde was an Enderman from Minecraft... apparently, they are really long, black, have purple eyes, and carry around a block of Earth.

Iris was a pirate!

 We went to Mom and Paul's church.  This guy did some magic tricks that REALLY impressed everyone!

We went trick-or-treating with friends in their neighborhood!!  It was SO much fun!  Thanks, Susan!

This was the COOLEST house!!

My 37th Birthday

Backposting for fall of 2017

My birthday, per normal, rolled around once again.

Mom took me shopping for the day, bought me cothes and took me out to eat!! It was wonderful!  NO pictures :( .  Dad and Janet had dessert for me and gave me a card and gift. :) . Once again... no pictures!  Ya'll, I'm failing at documentation lately.  :(

We had nothing planned on my ACTUAL birthday, because... life.  It fell on a day full of classes and errands.

But I woke up, stepped out onto our stoop, and immediately knew my sister had paid me an early morning fairy visit!!

Seriously, she did all of that before I was even awake, and the dogs never barked!

Later, while I was running the kids to Iris's Victorian girls class, my WONDERFUL friend, Amy, had made me a from-scratch, coffee-chocolate frappuccino!!  Just for me! and she had JUST made it before class, so it was still all icy and yummy!

Later in the week, Nana, Stephen, and the kids fixed me dinner, dessert and a party!!

Cards from my sweet kiddos and Stephen!!  I know Nana got me one too, there must not be a pic.

Gifts from the babies <3 p="">

 It was fun!!  I felt loved and blessed!!