Sunday, August 23, 2015

Aiden & Evan's Birthday!

My cousins Barry and April invited us to their sons' superhero themed birthday party!

My kids, of course, ADORE superheroes. 

Lu opted for a Captain America t-shirt, but the other two dressed up.

Meet Thor!

And Nick Fury!

It was a great party with huge amounts of fun and frivolity!!  Can't believe how big these two boys are getting!! They were both TEE-ny when they were born!! 

So glad we got to go be a part of it!

Father's Day Dinner For Papa

We took Nena and Papa out to PFChang's for his Father's Day.

Papa with the kids and their cards....

 Papa with all three kids :)

Papa with us and some golf paraphenalia :)

Love you, Papa!  Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day 2015

Father's Day weekend at Grandad's...

Lu watching TV with Grandad...

All Dad asked for was dinner at Andy's....

Clyde and Grandad cuttin up...

More make-overs....

even for pirates!

Fun in the driveway!

Daddy gets cards and presents...

Clyde gave him a nasopharangeal tube...

Iris gave him camping utensils...

Lu gave him orange paracord...

I gave him various blades and sharpeners :)

Grandad gets cards and presents!!

 We had fun celebrating both of these great men!!!

Elizabeth & Jesse

It has been SO LONG since we have been to a wedding!  The last one we attended was for the daughter of our senior pastor, who now has two daughters...that's how long it's been.  I ADORE  weddings and have been really bummed everytime we've had to miss one.

But, all of a sudden, we were invited to two, that we were actually going to be able to attend!  Yay!

The first was for a church friend named Elizabeth.  She was going to be marrying her long time boyfriend, Jesse.  It was a gorgeous and Godly wedding, we were so honored to be there!!

Here's the mother-of-the-bride escorted by eldest son.  Their whole family is in our church shepherding group. :)

Some of the bridal party that we actually know well...

Wedding ceremony...

Fun at reception!!

 Congratulations to Jesse and Elizabeth!!  They've been married almost 3 months now!!

Quick Silver

Our white mini-van was biting the dust in oh-so-many ways!!!

One Saturday we headed out to look for a used Odyssey.  We had the hardest time at first!!  Honda just didn't have them...we headed to other luck.  Finally, as we were about to head back home to get ready for a wedding, we saw TWO!!  They were in an Acura lot.

So after leaving the main decision to Stephen (they were both pretty great) Clyde and I test drove it since I would be the main one driving it.  I REALLY liked it, but Clyde fell MADLY in love.  He sang its accolades the whole while!

We liked.  We purchased.  We named it Quick Silver, from Marvel Age of Ultron.

Then we headed to a wedding... marveling over the bells and whistles!!
Grateful God gave us a reliable vehicle when we needed it!
( I have since bumped both sides of the front bumper.... bad spacial reasoning. )