Thursday, September 25, 2014

Civil War Era

This is Lu's last year of doing living history classes with Mrs E!  :(  She is SO sad!  But she is also SO excited about this year, because it's Civil War history! 

So far, they've gotten to participate in a reenactment where they taught school groups some old dances and danced with them.  They had a great (but MUDDY) time.  You'll notice they had to raise Lu's skirt with some "rosettes" to keep her from tripping over her hemline (apparently I made it too long). 

And they've also had one class so far.  I'm sure I'll put much more pics up, but here's a few for now :)

Dad's 70th!

I cannot BELIEVE I am saying this, but my Dad is 70.  What on Earth??????

And he WOULD NOT tell us something extra cool he would like for his birthday, and we came up with NOTHING, so we just brought him food kind of things.  *sigh*

BUT here are the pics!  Wish I had taken way more (although, I'm sure Dad and Janet are glad I didn't!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!  Love you!!  And you do NOT look 70!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Sherry & David recently had a yard sale and graciously allowed the kids to set up shop!

The kids had recently done some heavy cleaning, sorting and organizing and had a few things they wanted to get rid of.  They also made some items to sell.

Here's the yard sale... it was quite a success for Sherry & David!  And we met lots of neat folks :)

Lu & Clyde's set up....     Turns out Clyde is quite the salesman.

Iris's set up...

business transactions ;)

I believe Lucy's soap made the most money.  But Clyde and Iris didn't fair too badly either.  No one made less than $11, so that's not too shabby.  Clyde's hottest item was his stuffed animals.  Iris's was her cookies ;)

You can buy Lucy's soap (made with essential oils and NO dyes) at


Oh Deer!

More wildlife!!

Deer are such frequent visitors, that I typically don't try to get pictures.  However, we've had twin fawns visit occasionally and I finally got some pics, and none too soon!  I'm just glad they still have their spots, other than that, they're looking pretty grown up!

To Play or Not To Play

We had a game night at Nena and Papa's.

Clyde decided he didn't want to play.  Here's what happens when you give Clyde a camera:

 When we switched to Liar Liar (aka- BS) he decided to join in.