Friday, December 17, 2010

Family Portraits

This year, they were taken by Mandi...
and I like them very much :) Lucy looks SO grown up this year :(...I'm trying to have a good attitude about this.

Minor Surgery

Apparently all of the 3 moles I had removed on my right leg came back "abnormal". But only one was bad enough that they wanted to remove extra tissue.

So Thursday I went to lay on my stomach, while 3 people proceeded to numb, cut and stitch me up. I'm fine, of course, it was very minor surgery after all. But I'm irritated, because I don't feel like going to our church youth group's ballroom dancing night tonight. Stephen and I were all set to go, but I constantly feel like I'm pulling my stitches. *sigh*

I'm also irritated because.....well....let's suffice it to say that we all take being able to sit comfortably on the toilet for granted.

I took pictures of my stitches and thought about putting them on here, but I know some people are squeamish :) So I'm going to be nice.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can you teach a lesson too well?

So Iris has suddenly been less enthusiastic about Christmas the last day or so. Kind of sad and thoughtful.

The presents that Stephen and I ordered for her came in the mail this morning. And they are so STINKIN cute! Thinking it would excite her a little...I picked the package up off the porch and yelled, "Iris, your presents are here, I think I'm going to go wrap them."

She just looked at the box sadly.

"Honey, is something wrong?"

"Mommy, what if I like them..then I'm going to have to give them to somebody else." her eyes are watering up.

"No, Sweetie, these are for you. They're from Mommy and Daddy, for you."

"I know, but Christmas is the season for giving not for getting." (how's that for right out of the Christmas play and the Veggie Tales movie we watched last night.)

"Yes, Baby, it is, but you are GIVING the presents you bought for Clyde and Lucy, you don't have to give away the presents that we give you. Do you understand?"

There was a wary hopefulness on her face.

"So you think I might get to keep what's in that box?"

We talked in circles for awhile. I'm still not sure if she's going to be happy or cry when she opens her presents Christmas morning. She's not convinced that I know what I'm talking about.

Monday, December 13, 2010


first off, I give up on the December Photo Project

today we drove to my Dad's cause it's been awhile since we've gone (OCTOBER!) AND he always has more snow!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December Photo #5

Who goes put-putting in freezing weather?

Why, we do, of course.

We're on a business trip in Sevierville. When I asked the kids what they'd like to do today, they unanimously decided they would like to putt. They held firm on this decision, even after I informed them that it was snowing. I, of course, have veto power, but I chose to go with it. My Uncle Norman decided to graciously go along with our crazy plan...and even financially sponsored it!

Notice the pigs covered in ice.

December Photo Project

Monday, December 6, 2010

December Photo #4

Clydie wiggled his tooth out. The tooth fairy brought him a shark book.

December Photo Project

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Photo #3

and the photo for today is.....

December Photo Project

December Photo

So I missed yesterday because I was out of town, but here you go....

We went to OberGatlinburg with the Creamers so McKellan and Clyde could ice skate for McKellan's birthday....

December Photo Project

Friday, December 3, 2010

December Photo Project :)

December Photo Project

I actually signed up for this on time, but with surgeries and what not, I'm getting started late. Better late than never, right??

My first December photo....

Clyde decorating the tree, while a sick Daddy rests, Lucy inspects ornaments and Iris is off putting on her Wonder Woman costume since her alter ego needs to be the one to decorate a Christmas tree.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

So Glad This Morning is OVER!


I had 3 places removed by my dermatologist,
My stepdad had wrist surgery ,
My sister had cervical surgery


so glad it's over.

mine was minor, but I was worried about the other two.

I'm taking a nap now and it's only 11:40.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Haywood Family Reunion

Alright people.

This is complicated at first.

Stephen's grandmother on the Haywood side is named Lizzie Johnson Haywood Goforth. She was one of several (I have the genealogy around here somewhere) children of (sombody) Johnson. Okay...okay, I have his name around here somewhere, but I'm tired. Anyway...the descendants of this man have a family reunion annually the Saturday after Thanksgiving. There are ALOT of descendants!!! But it's pretty cool.

Anywhooo...this is a picture of ONLY those descended from Grandma Lizzie (minus many who couldn't be there and remember, she had lots of siblings....)

The kids met more cousins....

well...children of cousins...

Then we went to Stephen's cousin Joey's house and played with his and Tammy's kids some more.....

Lucy actually got to hold and play with dogs *gasp*

Our kids showed their true INDOOR colors as they whined about small scrapes and stuff.

But really they had a BLAST!

They mourned leaving these kids the whole ride home.

Clyde particularly hit it off with Stephen's cousin Steve's little girl, Summer.

Lucy particularly hit it off with Joey's daughter Courtney and Christy's daughter, Madison.
I think they're a particularly beautiful trio.

Iris liked her cousin Dawson, the puppies and whining. :)

Joey testing Stephen's IQ and both of them getting a kick out of it...

Joey and Stephen built us a fire...

Thanks Milton, Paula, Joey, Tammy, Steve and Suzannah!!!

Thanksgiving with Nana, Aunt Charity and Co.

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to Nana's friend, Bill's house. All in attendance were: Nana, Stephen's twin sister, Charity, her boyfriend Kevin, Bill, his daughter, Janae, our kids, and Charity's kids; Soulea, Mirzanna, Devonne and Mikayla.

Unfortunately, I once again forgot to get pictures of any grown ups and apparently went on a super kid photo spree.

The kids have not seen these cousins since Clyde was 6 months old....except Soulea. The last time we saw Soulea, Iris was 5 months old and Soulea helped rescue Clyde from drowning. Boy was that a traumatic experience!!!

The whole crew....back row- Janae, Lucy, Mirzanna, Soulea, Clyde
front row- Devonne, Mikayla, Iris


Making Turkeys!!!

Clyde and Mirzanna tackled a few games of checkers and chess.

eating thanksgiving dinner

playing afterwards at Aunt Charity's house

Devonne proving his strength by picking up all of his cousins

They had the BEST! time playing with their cousins and they already miss them!

Wow! Soulea has grown! Lucy was so excited to see him and always misses him.

Thanks Nana and Bill!!!

Thanksgiving at Uncle Ray and Aunt Mary's House

We went to North Carolina for Thanksgiving to visit Stephen's family. His Uncle Ray and Aunt Mary lovingly allowed us to crash their dinner. Some of their kids and grandkids were there, along with Stephen's dad, Uncle Butch and Aunt Betty.

Stephen shoots the breeze while his family cooks for us :)

Lucy and Chloe practice their hunting skills, by aiming at the bird in a painting.

Clyde's apparently practicing his assassin skills?

Iris absorbing the rare chance to play with dogs with her Papa looking on.

The Haywood men, showing off their knives and knife sharpening skills :)

Trampolines and Tire swings

Chloe and Iris conducting some self-instruction in photography.

I wish so much I had gotten more pictures of the grown ups...I think I was completely absorbed with getting pics of the kids.....oh well!

Thanks Brice/Papa :) Thanks Ray and Mary! We had a beautiful Thanksgiving!!