Monday, March 12, 2018

Skate Night

Backposting for summer of 2017

Boys in an Arcade

Backposting for summer 2017

One night when our kids were playing musical houses, I ended up with two very fun boys.  They thought it would be fun to go to the bowling alley, but NOT bowl.

But we needed grub first.  Boys playing the finger number game while they eat.

Lazer tag...

Arcade games!

Fun clowns!!


Backposting for summer 2017

When Spiderman came out it was a big deal for this Marvel movie loving family!!

We quickly arranged a movie date with some of our friends.

A few hours before our meetup, our 15 year old had just received her permit!!  She had been so stressed, but apparently passed the test with flying colors!

Notice the matching spiderman shirts??

Seats for 10, please!!

Spiderman was fantastic and very funny!  But the company was what made it so fun <3 p="">

Date Night

Backposting for summer 2017

Sherry and David normally keep our kids for us the first weekend of July.  It's like an early anniversary present, because our actual anniversary falls on a heavy workload time at Sherry-Berry's work.  

The kids call this annual weekend "Camp Sherry."  Their pictures always look so fun, we're not sure who is actually having the best time??

Stephen and I tried Taco Mamacitas for the first time.

They let us tie our dogs out in front of our seats on the patio, which was nice.  I had the oy vey taco and the Korean bbq taco.  Sooooooo delicious!!!

Stephen had two club tacos.  We both really enjoyed it!

We went to the Chattanooga Choo Choo.  We enjoyed the souvenir shop very much, I had somehow never been there.  Fleur kicked the day up a notch by jumping into the fish pond shortly after THIS pic was taken.

After cooling off a bit at a coffee shop and watching a small summer shower, we went up to point park.

We had a great time, and so did the kids!  We always enjoy Camp Sherry!!