Friday, April 27, 2012

Uncle John

My favorite pics of John....

 John holding Lucy and the flower she made for his birthday.  She didn't really want to say cheese...she just wanted to listen to him tell her how great her flower was.

  Holding the infamously messy Clyde...while they ate Lucy's birthday cake.

  Painting Lucy's nails.

 John and Lucy both beaming.

 John with Dad, Janet (his Mom) and Bobby.  Somewhere there is a picture I LOVE of both brothers together, but I can't find it :(

 John teaching Clyde how to do a particularly tricky puzzle.

 John and Iris half-heartedly wrestling :)

 John helping Clyde build a motorized car.

 Group shot. 

Though we're very filled with grief right now
 and we weren't ready to give him up at 33 years old
and we'll miss the way he starts the fun
and brings games...and puzzles into the gatherings
and is so very selfless with his time, talents, smiles, and possessions
and thinks of those less fortunate than himself
and introduces us to new things
and makes sure the kids don't miss The Neverending Story
                                        wear their batman costumes the right way
                                        earn a bear hug for their handmade gifts
                                        and properly experience hotwheels, tea sets and legos....
though we keep thinking we'll see him tomorrow
scurrying around the kitchen
cooking for a gazillion people  (and, boy, will it be good!)
though he didn't become our brother/uncle until 12 years ago

 WE ARE SO GRATEFUL to OUR GOD to have known him & loved him....for a time.
till we meet again

Everytime one of my loved ones goes on before makes me more HOMEsick.
...and I think right now....we're just going to cry for awhile.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


The kids and I went to watch the LOVELY Emilia jump hurdles.  It was for a regional event so it was VERY impressive that she was even there.

I had EVERY intention of getting a marvelous picture of her doing this, but alas....her coach needed some videotaping.  So.....

I made one :)

.....or, actually, I guess Stephen did the work.  I just ordered him around too much.  But still.  I'm happy to have a picture to mark the event.

While I was videotaping, I handed my camera to Clyde and told him he was at liberty to wonder the hillside so that he could get a good shot of her while jumping.   Yes, I knew this would be difficult for an 8 year old boy.  And, yes, I could see him the whole time.

Here's what he got...
She's on the far right.

That's her shoe in the top right.

She has been inspiring to Clyde....

Spring Birthdays

We got together at David & Sherry's house for David's and Mom's birthdays.  They both have April birthdays.

Here the kids are playing with sidewalk chalk before dinner.  (Uncle David had just given Clyde the cool hat.)

Losing a tooth in this family is a big deal.  The toothfairy brings a book.  Nena gives you money and Aunt Sherry always procures a surprise.  Iris's surprise this year was a camping La-la-loopsy doll.   She really enjoyed setting her up and playing with her.

The La-la-loopsy bird, however, was probably nervous way up high in the tree trunk.

Sherry and David had cooked us an EXCELLENT supper.  It was superb!

Then it was present-opening time.

Clyde & David with the card, Clyde made for him.

Lucy & David with the card Lucy made...

Iris & David with the card Iris made....

David pulling money out of a tissue box...

Iris & Nena with the card Iris made...

Lucy & Nena with the card Lucy made....

Clyde & Nena with the card Clydie made....

Stephen and Clyde

Pretty Lucy  :)

Happy Birthday Ya'll!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Last First Lost Tooth

It finally happened. 

Iris has witnessed her older brother and sister lose their teeth.  Then she watched some of her fellow five-year-olds lose teeth.  Then they all turned six and the rest of them lost at least one if not four teeth.  She kept saying she was NEVER going to lose one.

Then her permanent teeth started growing in BEHIND her baby teeth.  And, indeed, we began to wonder if she was right. 

Tonight, she asked if I would brush her teeth.  I reached in and tugged at the loose one.  She didn't react so I tugged harder...and harder....and harder...and....

presto....toothus removus :)

I have NEVER seen a child so freaked out at seeing her tooth out of her head.  It was something to behold.  She stood in shock.  She started shaking a bit.  She covered her mouth and refused to look in the mirror.  She was completely taken aback.  Wonder what she thought was going to happen as she stood there letting me pull her tooth? 

Oh forward 5 minutes....


Monday, April 9, 2012

Poor Jacques Cartier

Today, during our homeschool co-op, Mrs Sarah was teaching the kids about Jacques Cartier, the French explorer who tried to sail down the St. Lawrence River.  While she was describing his difficult journey...

"Then did anyone get beheaded?" (Iris)
""  (Mrs. Sarah)
"Iris likes it when people are beheaded" (Clyde)

After they heard about Cartier and his journeys into Canada, Mrs. Sarah began to ask them questions to see what they remembered.

"So, did Cartier ever make it to the Great Lakes?"  (Mrs. Sarah)
"No."  (Land)
"Why didn't he?"  (Mrs Sarah)
"Cause he's not smart AT ALL!"  (Land)
"Well, they didn't make it to the Great Lakes, because of the big rocks and the shallow rapids...their ship couldn't get through."  (Mrs. Sarah)
"Yeah, and when they got stuck on the big rocks, people ran out and stabbed them all!!"  (McKellan)

As I look back on the conversations that took place during this lesson, it occurs to me that our kids went into it with some mysterious predisposition to dislike poor Jacques Cartier.

On a more cheerful note, the kids enjoyed their lesson on John Cabot and the demonstration illustrating how much easier it was for the English fishermen to fish in Newfoundland than in England.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Portrait-ish Pictures

Christ is Risen!!!

He is risen, indeed!!!!

We kicked off our Resurrection celebration with an egg hunt at our church.  My pictures were so stellar.  But the kids had SO much fun with all their friends, got to hear the Easter story, hunt eggs and hang out.  They got to keep ALL their eggs!!  (I know that sounds funny, but food allergies make egg-hunts....difficult)

After this, we headed to Grandad's house.  On the way we picked up some Chik-fil-A, in which Leonora and Octavia got to partake.

Once we got there, we had great fun hanging out with Grandad, Grandmom and Uncle John!

Here, Clyde is introducing Grandad to Angry Birds...

And Lucy telling Grandad a funny story from a book...

This morning we went to my Dad's church for Sunday School & worship service.  After that they hosted an egg hunt. 

Then we went back to Grandad and Grandmom's house and had lunch.  By this time, Uncle Bobby and Uncle David had joined us!

Then Grandmom put on a customized egg hunt, in which the kids were able to keep all their eggs AGAIN!


And just for's a picture of them jumping over Grandad's creek LAST YEAR...

Happy Easter!!