Monday, March 28, 2011

Trip to NC

We arrived at Stephen's mom's one bedroom apartment Thursday around 6:30 pm and had chicken & dumplins with Nana, Nana's friend Bill, Aunt Charity, her fiance, Kevin and cousins...Soulea, Mirzanna, Devonne and Makayla.  The mass of cousins played legos cheerfully for a LONG time.  It was delightful.  Next day we hung out with the same crowd and the kids played more legos, hide and go seek and many other creative activities in and around Nana's apartment.  The sheer mass of us, somehow, did not knock her walls down.

Saturday, we drove to Stephen's cousin, Joey's house.  There were at least 5 aunts and uncles, 1 Papa and four grown cousins...each with their spouse and passle of children in 1 house.  It was SUCH  a good time.  Lots of cousins going berserk together.  The rain held off so that the kids could have a good chance to get dirty, fall in creeks and scream at each other before we forced them to play inside. :)  Then piggy back rides, rock star competitions and spying games insued.  The food was WAY to good during the whole trip.  I think I gained 10 pounds.  Guess I'll be doing a lot of dance, dance revolution.

We were supposed to spend a cozy Saturday night hanging out with Stephen's dad at his house.  I rudely interrupted this arrangement when some nasty abdominal pains struck.  I was trying to tell Stephen I was fine.  But then I couldn't walk and there was no convincing him.  I DID manage to talk him out of an ambulance...because what always happens to me is this.  I hurt badly.  People rush me to the hospital.  Pain goes completely away once in a room.  They send me home.  We get bills.

Well, Stephen drove me to the hospital leaving the kids with his dad.  He was WAY nervous about me.  As the pain increased and weird pressure feeling things started happening, I started freaking out some, myself.  His mom met us at the hospital and obtained me a warm blanket since my teeth were chattering.  (I'm sorry, but hospitals are COLD.)  They couldn't find anything wrong, except a mild bacterial infection.  I'm laying there in the hospital bed feeling great!  NO PAIN!  What the eggplant?!

They give me an antibiotic and send me home.  I'm thinking I'm all better.  Only to discover that when I stand up, the pain returns.  Next day, we leave to come home via all of the major cities possible so as to pass many  hospitals.  To say Stephen was anxious to get me home would be a VAST understatement.  He made me promise to make a Dr apptment.  I did.  They can fit me in NEXT Tuesday.

Today, I was fine.  This seems to be a pattern? 

I'm just going to be grateful....and we really had a WONDERFUL time with his family.

Thanks to everyone who was praying!  So much!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bummer Week

My camera broke, so there will be no pictures on this post.

No pictures of things like....the baby booties I tried to make, which turned out not-so-successfully.  Like how they all look like left foot booties.  How did THAT happen?!  ...and how they are all different lengths?!  What the eggplant is that all about?!  So...I am not giving these to the intended recipients...guess I'll have to find something else.  So I plagued my family with sewing stuff spread out everywhere and keeping my nose to the machine all week for naught.  Oh well.

There will also be no pictures of my sick children, nor  of the outings that we planned, but were not able to attend.

There will be no pictures of my Wednesday night small group, since I somehow just didn't show up without warning....because of afforementioned sick children and one very distracted mind.

I HAVE had plenty of time to sit around and observe my house and it's need for work.  Work for which I have no time, energy or currency.

Now that I have complained so much, I should end with something positive. 

How bout this....

I know life could be much MUCH MUCH worse.

but I'm still want chocolate.

and obviously I am in need of more consistent quiet times.

the end.