Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Falkor; Getting the Best Pup in the World

One of the best things to happen to us in the year of 2016 was we got our first dog since Lu was diagnosed with severe dog/cat allergies back in 2005.

We've been wanting to do this for SOOOO long.  Because her of her allergy, Lu was always very afraid of dogs, she could never really be around them, except when we a select few that belonged to family that didn't bother her.  But some would inhibit her breathing if she was just in the room with them.

This was an intense search over several years.  Everytime we contemplated I would lightly slap the fur on the a puppies back to see if dander flew out.  Most puppies, you can see their dander lying on their provocation required.

One day, I walk into PetSmart.  I'm feeling particularly down.  Stephen and I had been closer and closer to deciding to take the plunge after a couple more family dogs hadn't bothered Lucy.  I saw a tiny fawn colored runt with black and gray spots on his face sleeping soundly.  For some reason none of the swarms of customers seem interested.  I ask if I can pick him up.

I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with this dog.  I examined him for dander, and sniffed him all over for a strong smell.  Then I took a pen and filled out the adoption form.  I was informed that he was the last of his litter to be adopted because he had been a severely malnourished runt with parasites.  He also hadn't had many people interested.  But he was healthy now.  So I loaded him in the car for his first ride home.

I brought him home to my dog-loving hubby who promptly named him Falkor after the luck dragon in Neverending Story, and carried him over his shoulder.

Several hours later the kids came home and huge squeals filled the house.  And everyone fell head over heels!  The kids' first puppy.

His first front yard excursion.

First nap of many on Stephen's legs.

I can't tell you how many times Stephen and I, like thankful little children, prayed and thanked God for letting Lucy have a puppy, and then ammending it and thanking him for letting ALL of us have one.

His first bed was an old coat under my nightstand, his "foster dad" told me he loved to sleep under furniture.  So this was where he slept for several nights until we could afford a crate.  We would wake up every 2-3 hours to let him go potty. :)  Now, a year later... his head might fit under that nightstand.

...and then suddenly it was like he'd always lived with us...

I went to his Rescue's facebook page and found this pic of his litter.  It was a VERY odd litter of puppies!  That's him in the top left, in my other pic you can really see how much tinier he is, but it doesn't show up on the computer screen well.

with his cousin, Savannah

grew a TON in one month, and his ear stayed like this for quite some time after having to wear a cone of shame.

We LOVE our Falkor and are so thankful for him!!

Smokies & Splash Country

Nena and Papa took us, and David and Sherry for an overnight trip to Splash Country, but the the kids also got to explore the Old Mill.

Dessert at the wonderfully Lucy-friendly Ruby Tuesday.  (no she can't eat this particular dessert)

Soooooo much fun!  It always is.  And I managed to go not quite as crazy with the camera this year :)

Art Museum with Nena

Backposting for last fall

Nena took us back to the Art museum.  I can't remember if we tend to do this annually or semiannually, but we never get tired of it.

Iris gets very dramatic with her favorite pieces.... and fainting couches.

Clyde was our took the title of overactive photographer from me.  This was his fave on this particular day... so much like his dad.

Lu loves it more than anyone.  She sketches or draws her favorites.  Here she is sketching "Lunch Counter."

Then we revived our tired, hungry selves at Clyde's on Main.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Miscellaneous Fun Pic Dump

Still backposting for fall of 2016

Always have to have a post for just some fun pics that don't fit anywhere else :)

The kids made some lego flowers as a centerpiece...

Later, when they decided to set the table and cook dinner, there was one more lego flower...

Iris transforms our bathroom floor into her own personal foot spa...

Clyde learning to tie a necktie.  This inspired him to wear neckties over t-shirts for a spell :D.

Lucy trying on one of her Nena's old New Year's dresses....same body type much???

 Exploring the shops downtown...

spinning in prairie dresses while waiting for siblings to get out of class...

Clyde feeding Ben popcorn :)

My favorite bumper sticker from the election period...

The kids with a snoralax!

She just has such gorgeous and amazing amounts of hair.  I beg to do it for fun sometimes.

Lu and Meg discovering fun things at Pier 1.