Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016 at Dad and Janet's

I'm still backposting for fall/winter 2016.

Janet managed to get the whole crew over for Thanksgiving dinner!  And it was pretty great!

ALWAYS wish I had taken more pics, though.  I'm really dropping the ball lately!

So first, we took some family photos for Dad & Janet to send out.  They both crack me up, even though they're really great, because in this one, Janet is leaning against her son, Bobby, while Dad is sitting next to my mother-in-law, Bobbi.  And then of course, Sherry is holding a pic of her David up since he was at his parent's house.  And Falkor is in Dad's lap.  And, where are Clyde's eyes???

This one works a bit better.  Dad and Janet are matching... was this planned??  Falkor is on the ground, and Sherry still has David proudly displayed.  Clyde's eyes have a TAD less hair covering them.

Janet with her babies.

These were just cute of her and Bobby, so...

Inside, Brent is making the girls laugh.  I can't remember what he was reading to them.

Cutest brother/sister ever!!  (my own kids aside, of course ;)

Dad... I thinking he and Lu were talking about music theory here, but it could've been Dunkirk, but then again, it seems like Stephen and I referred her to him on a couple of theological questions... it really could have been any of the above since he is an abundant spring of knowledge.

Sherry took this funny pic of Clyde and me.  NOt sure what was going on here.

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Almost a year late!!

Thanksgiving 2016 with Mom's Family

Still backposting for fall/winter 2016

Rita and Alan hosted Thanksgiving again this year.  It was so neat that so many people came.  Really missed Norman, though!

Did I seriously get a picture of nearly everyone, but Rita???  How did this travesty happen?
Alas, here are my many other wonderful kin: aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, Sherry, Bobbi, Mom and Paul.  It was a BEAUTIFUL Thanksgiving and we had much to be thankful for.

Thank you, Lord, for another year to praise You for Your.... everything!

Other Things to do at the Beach

Still back-posting for fall/winter 2016.

While at Panama City Beach, we did do a dab more than play in the surf and sand...

Movies must be watched on beach trips, and Nena always has a new selection of unseen movies to choose from.

Margaritville is one of our PCB staples.  They are AHmazing when it comes to dealing with food allergies!!!  REally!  And that is how I pick my favorite restaurants.  And come on, she came by in stilts and made balloon sculptures!  I mean... how fun is that?

David and Iris... she brings out the silly in him.

Lucy and Iris watching for land, mateys!


Another dinner at Margaritaville.  This time we ate inside and they seated us... on the stage? 

Sherry and Clyde watching a movie.

Silly Iris.

Umm, so we go shopping a lot just for fun, and Clyde found this. 

Ice cream.

The ocean is still a marvelous creation to look at from our balcony!

We ventured to an unknown restaurant, Coconuts.  We were feeling brave.  (Actually, if I remember correctly we toted food for Lucy in) Oddly enough, I also remember that this was the morning we found out who won the presidential election . And sinse we weren't that excited about either candidate (minus Papa) we muted the GINORMOUS screen behind us and made up words to go with the broadcaster's mouth movements.

Just skipping while we shop!  Anyone wondering why there are always so many pics of Iris?  Me too.  Is it because she's always with me, or she's a ham???

Bought some new kicks for 2 of the 3.


 Vacation is the perfect time to paint your toenails with your new changes-color-in-the-sun nail polish!

 Often, when Papa would have to rest, Lucy would read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to him, because, 1) she loves it and him, and wanted to share it with him and 2) He's really never read any Mark Twain?!!  This had to be remedied.  They finished the entire book over the trip.

I love playing with the girls' hair.  And since hair accessories were one of the souvenirs they bought, I got to kind of have a field day!

The pool at Splash! is pretty great.  I did briefly take advantage of it on this particular trip, but Sherry was Super-Aunt and stayed with the kids quite a while in it.

Again, good times!!  These were great memories!!

Family Vacay Panama City Beach (for 2016)

Still backposting for fall/winter of 2016 (but I'm catching up!)

Mom and Paul took us all to Panama City Beach last November!!  It was a fabulous time!

As soon as we got there, a handful of the most excited rode the elevator down from our 14th floor room and absorbed the joy of being on the ocean.

I think Clyde wanted Stephen to come down to the beach that first evening, what do you think?

First morning... Mom and my kiddos :)

Every year, there's a different assortment of marine life that we find.  Clyde was on a mission to rescue all the sea cucumbers and get them somewhere people wouldn't step on them.  You know, after he built an aquarium for people to visit that consisted of a bucket of cucumbers, a bucket with a MASSIVE  and creepy jellyfish, and a bucket of marine hermit crabs.

Sherry pulling a ocean-floor-leery Iris on a boogie board :)

My crew and I, minus one sand-girl.  She likes to admire the ocean from afar.


My lanky boy... I love him!  Man, he has grown since this was taken!

This is pretty much how Mom and Lucy live it up on the beach.

My heroic life-guard watching our then 12 year old boy-shark.  He does this because he knows I'll panic if I do not have some sort of protective barrier between our children and the open sea.  Rip-tides will do it to you, folks.

 Papa comes to visit the sand-folk.

The world's coolest bro-in-law with his snorkeling treasures.  Ya'll this guy does some SERIOUS snorkeling!

And there's my sea-cucumber rescuer, right there!

Grands with the kids!

Iris always eventually turns into a water-baby, but she's kind of amphibious at first.

 Lucy on a rare excursion to the water.  I thought this sky behind her and her sister was GORGEOUS!!

Iris contemplating the depths of the sea.

My pretty first-born.

Mom and the kids.

This just... it's just too fabulous.  No caption needed.

My lovely Sherry & David as they admire on of his finds.

Clyde riding the tide.

I think this is mine and Mom's feet.

Night-time ghost-crab hunting is a pretty necessary thing on any beach vacation.

the love <3 p="">

Mom and Sherry with the ever-so-conveniently-placed kids in the background.

Yep, there's my sand-girl.

Clyde and I played around quite a bit with Pokemon beach pictures.  This was my fave.

Woah!  Did the boy-shark come OUT of the water?  And is he building a drip house with Sherry?


A successful end to a crab hunt!

And out came the water-baby!

Stephen is not typically a sand-dweller, but when he digs, he digs big... this expanded much.

David pulling out his handy metal-detector.

Stephen readying Iris for a wave.

This was perhaps one of my favorite moments of the whole trip.  Stephen and I coerced our poor Lucy to come out (further out than she wanted) into the ocean and allow Stephen to hold onto her feet while she was on the boogie board and then let her go when a good wave came.  This was out of her comfort zone, but she really seemed to enjoy it, although she was done after 4 or 5 rides.  :)

Nena and Papa <3 p="">

My babies and I.  Proof that I did go on this trip.

Sherry, Iris, and I enjoying a sandbar.

Momma with her two daughters.

A particularly cute shot of Nena and Papa.

Sherry and David. <3 p="">

David burying Iris.

 Am I chasing them?  What's making them run like that?

It was such a great trip!!