Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Cicada

Backposting for summer of 2017

One lovely, warm evening, the five of us went on a walk with our precious pups.  On the way to a duck pond, Iris made a discovery...

A cicada emerging from her molt, and allowing her wings to expand and dry.

Twenty minutes later on our walk back toward the car...

Isn't she gorgeous???  Her Creator is AMAZING!!

Father's Day 2017

Backposting for Summer of 2017

We celebrated Father's Day for Uncle David and Papa at Nena and Papa's house...

Uncle David reading the kids' cards...

Papa opening cards...

Papa with the big kids ;).....

The House Gets A Makeover

Backposting for summer 2017

Our house was in need of paint.  Badly... like it was starting to effect the wood.  It took us way too long, but we finally got around to it.  I've always felt that if you're house is white, you're shutters and door shouldn't be.  So we remedied that.

A shot of both old (after scraping) and new...

I picked the white by matching it to the new garage door, the gray, I tried to match to some gray in the bricks, and the blue.... well, I just loved the blue.

Stephen had Clyde install the doorknob and deadbolt.  He did a great job!

Mildly proud of his work??

Lucy Loses a Little Wisdom

Backposting for Spring 2017

Lucy was told it was time to get her wisdom teeth out.  We were kind of shocked... I don't know why, I guess because time has just crept up on us.  Our dentist did an amazing job with the timing.  We were told a lot of dentists send patients way too early or way too late.  If you're late, the roots can get down in their jaw and surgery is a lot more invasive.

While all her wisdom was intact...

Post wisdom removal...

 Feeling much better, but still swollen.

The souvenirs...
I think she's glad that's behind her!

Fun @ Sissy's House

Backposting for Spring 2017

My lovely aunt Phyllis (aka- Sissy) had a bunch of us over to play games and hang out!  It's been a while since the family got together for games and we had a great time!

My kids love them some Aiden and Evan!!

The gator is an old tradition at Sissy's house!  It's so weird that the kids I remember carrying "in the oven" while riding this thing are now driving this thing.  Their little cousins too.

Some Disney Headbandz!!

And more playing with the littles before we had to go!
Good time with Family!!!

Aiden & Evan's Birthday 2017

Backposting for Spring 2017

Aiden and Evan had their party at a Gymnastics place this year.  Fun was had by all!!

My cousin, Barry with his wife, April, Aiden and Evan.

They're super fun boys!!!