Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Stephen and Papa Get Older ;)

Backposting summer of 2017

We celebrated Stephen and Papa's birthdays at Nena and Papa's house.
Here's Papa opening cards from the kids...

and with his presents and all of us...

and Stephen opening his cards from the kids...

 and for some reason I didn't take any other pics so I don't remember what else we did!!  Ugh.
oh well... Happy birthday Papa and Stephen!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Miscellaneous Spring-ish 2017

Backposting for spring/summer 2017

Picture Dump!

climbing among the blooms before the house was painted...

Stephen and a growing Fleur...

Falkor was SO thrilled when he got Fleur as a playmate.  Here he is strutting with his rings...

Iris lying with the pups...

Iris practices writing with a quill and inkwell...

The pups in Homegoods...

A pic of Lu I particularly love!

fleamarket with friends

Pups on the pop...

Stephen cheering up our Lucy on a light-headed day

Lucy informed me that even though she can't eat hibachi, she would LOVE to go to a "fire restaurant" again.  So Clyde and I got her some PFChangs, then took her to Shogun to watch the wonderful show of our food being cooked.

Iris crocheting a blanket for Ben.

Clyde with a Falkor

Baby Fleur was, and still is, VERY CUDDLY!

A sick Iris getting comforted by her loves.

and jostled by her Daddy

We love to go antiquing.  And when a girl goes antiqueing, she must try on a hat!

Iris adores it when we can all 5 be together for anything.  She regularly asks if we can all 5 sleep in the livingroom and one day we just randomly gave in.  It was a fun evening.

Date night!

Fleur always things Falkor is her couch.

Lu squeezing a Fleur.

drinking in unison

High School Girls

Backposting for summer 2017

The highschool girls at church went to paint pottery... (notice there's a random middle school girl in there... what parent did that??  oh right, that was me.  sorry.)

Then they had dinner at Lupi's

Sweet girls!


Backposting for summer 2017

Our super amazing friends had somewhere they needed to be that wasn't very toddler conducive.  So they allowed us the amazing privilege of getting to keep him for day!!  We were all incredibly pumped!!  It's been a while since we've had a toddler in the house for more a few hour visit.

We got to take him home with us from church...

But we stopped by Panda Express!

Then we just hung out and played with the dogs and toys and stuff :D

For naptime, he had his blanket, a stuffed animal from each kid, me, and Falkor (who Ben calls Alkord)

after nap, he was very snuggly and watched some Backyardigans...

While "holding Alkord's hand"

We all just were elated to have him here!

Ben cuddling Laurel, the ferret.

Hope we get to do it again sometime!