Friday, December 28, 2012

Uncle Steve

I will miss this incredibly loving man.
I will miss his bear hugs,
I will miss how he shares the gospel with SO many kids EVERY Easter.

Has there been a more generous man?
How he pays attention to the lives of others.
And he prays.
And when you never expect it, but need it the most...
He slips $100 into your coat.
Later you find out  how he has helped SO MANY.

In a few hours, I'll have to tell my kids, and they will grieve,
Because children know a sincere, caring, and giving man when they've met one.
And they love him.

I will miss the loving husband of my sweet aunt, Phyllis.
I will miss the doting father of my precious cousin, Sadie.

God of all comfort, please grant them, his sons Clay and Chip, and his four sweet grandkids the peace that passes all understanding.