Sunday, July 31, 2016

We Should Call Them Nena Days

Nena likes to plan fun things to do with all of us (normally sponsored by herself) and spread them out so we're just constantly getting to do fun things with her.

So here's our most recent two.

First we went to STicky Fingers...where Clyde ate the most...

Then we went to Ruby Falls.  Lucy had done this before, but the other two had not, so they were pumped.  Of course, Iris has and underground fear (which she thought she had overcome, but hadn't) but she handled it very well.

Our next adventure was something Sherry had been wanting us to do for MONTHS, but we finally got around to it a couple of weeks ago.  We went to the IMAX, for the first time in years, and saw the National Parks movie.  It was EXCELLENT!!  Highly recommend!!

Good times with Nena, Papa, and Sherry!!

Father's Day with Dad

We went up to Dad and Janet's house the weekend after Father's Day to celebrate.   We had a great time of food, games, movies, Harry Potter reading, and just talking and hanging out.

Here's pics of Dad getting his cards and boots.

This one of Clyde is a bit goofy, but I like it of Dad :P

Had to share both of Lucy, because he really had her giggling...

Love you, Dad!!!

Father's Day for Papa

Celebrating Father's Day for Papa was a little different this year, because Sherry had already celebrated it with him.  The kids and I took him and Nena to a local Chinese restaurant that's a family favorite to give him our cards and present.

Here's some fun pictures of our lovely time!!!!

Love you, Papa!!!

Monday, July 11, 2016


I still need to go back in time and get caught up on a couple events, but I had to go ahead and fast forward to the present for this one.

So, I know NOTHING about Pokemon, except that my little cousins (who are now taller than me and in college) used to like them.  I think maybe there were trading cards....I mean...I really don't know.

Fast forward to now.  I have these great kids.  One ADORES video/screen games of all sorts.  And I feel like I don't get out of the house enough.  So one day, I'm out with the two oldest and Lucy's busy being immersed in a homesteader magazine and I think, "You know what?  I'm going to download this crazy game that's making the news headlines and see what Clyde thinks."

This was at Starbucks before we got out of the car.  I hand him the phone, and...
Bam!  He got his first Pokemon at the dumpster behind Starbucks.  Now that sounds shady, but it's actually a very open area...I'm trying my best to be responsible with this, and I have laid out ground rules for him.

Also, not one minute later, we met our first player, who tried to not be too weirded out, by me asking to take his pic.  He was then kind enough to help us get started navigating the game on our phone.

Quick stop at Embassy Suites on way home...3 more Pokemon and some extra loot.  (this was a free game by the way!)

And two days later, we are OBSESSED!

While Lucy hung out with Nena and Papa, I ran errands with Iris and Clyde.  While running errands we managed to meet this guy.... no we didn't approach his car...

at this fountain....

this guy, at this fountain....

and this couple, at this fountain.

Fountains seem to be a favorite hangout for these adorable critters.

Then we started figuring out that we can actually get in the pics with our Pokemons before we catch them...that was jolly fun!  And every once in a while, you can catch one in your house :)  Can you say, WAAAAY too many screenshots?!

For Iris, she likes the pretty locations, for Lucy, she likes the exercise and getting out of the house, for Clyde, it's the strategy and competition, but for me.....

I like the people.  People to whom we would normally never get to speak to.  I mean downtown was CRAWLING.  There were more people in the art district playing than there were NOT playing!!  Everyone was talking to eachother about it!  It was amazing!  I took ALL these pics, and these were maybe only a fourth of the people we saw playing.  And everyone was so friendly and helpful.

The view once it started getting dark on the

I may like this game too much.

North Carolina for Father's Day

This year, we went to NC to celebrate Father's Day with Stephen's Dad.  We got to see LOTS of family while we were there, and were once again, welcomed warmly into Joey and Tammy's house the whole weekend!!!

Fun to just hang out with!!  Wish we had gotten some pics with more of Stephen's cousins, guess I just didn't have camera out enough!

 A shooting range was quickly pulled together....boys were PUMPED!  Much caution taken!

Girls donning ear protection, though they never went outside during shooting ;)

waiting for church to boy, it's hard to catch him not talking or moving :)

swinging outside church after service

cousins!  These kids are all so sweet!!  I enjoyed watching them all interact.  If one of mine wanted to go down to the creek, wrestle, perform a play, play minecraft, or turn cartwheels, someone was always game.

 Clyde had a new wound nearly everyday, and had to get a tetanus shot upon returning home.  He also broke a bike and a drawer while we were there.  Boys.  :)

But he was also very good at being a clown and making the little laugh!

Some of the grownups chilling...

Pic with Papa after giving him his cards...

And with Daddy...

Iris enjoyed playing with Papa's woodstove even though it's summer...

Cute pic of Tammy holding Haleigh, her youngest grandaughter...

Good times with family!!