Saturday, January 28, 2012

Iris's Butterfly Party

Well, she asked for it..."butterflies EVERYWHERE!"

It started with the invitations.  Her big sister helped make them :)

Here she is baking her cake with me last night (she learned to crack eggs...she did 3 perfectly all by herself, but she was still sad about her first one landing on the floor, silly girl).  She also did ALOT of cleaning yesterday....always a requirement at our house before you have your party..

Frosting it this morning....

Here's the kitchen. (forgot to get a pic of the livingroom)

Here's the birthday girl with her cake.  (those words are actually in purple..they look brown in the pic)  She COULD NOT wait for her friends to get here!! 

Little girls eating spaghetti!

Waiting for cake...

Her friends all brought her very sweet and thoughtful presents.  And they made the sweetest cards.  I love keeping cards that their friends make them as their growing...we will have them MUCH longer than the presents themselves, I'm sure.  I'd love to find a creative way to preserve them.

She finally got to open "the big present from Mommy and Daddy."  It was a Minnie Mouse pillow pet...she has been longing for this for A WHILE!


They made these little stainglass butterflies.  I totally wish I had gotten a picture of all of them.  But it wasn't very smart of me to do this craft...not very age appropriate caused more frustration for the kiddos than it did delight!  At least they were happy with them after they were baked!!

Then they played 'Elefun' and caught butterflies....

They played hard for quite a while...all kinds of stuff.

 Now that the last guest has left, she has settled herself on the couch to color with one of her new presents.

In two baby will be 6!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lucy's Scope

This gives the details (for those who want them). 

This was Lucy's 4th upper endoscopy.  It was her first one where they placed a BRAVO in her esophagus.  She had earlier been diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophogitis (you have little allergen "responders" lining your esophagus and it takes a beating) when she was 4.  She has improved MUCH since then.  We are VERY blessed.  Her little esophagus used to just have furrows all up and down looked awful.  Now it's very healthy looking.

But since she's developed new food allergies, some have gotten more serious, she still vomits when she eats something she's allergic to, and she pops TUMS constantly on TOP of her nexium....her Dr wanted to have another look.  WE LOVE OUR GI DOCTOR!

Anyway...I'm always emotional when she's put under, but generally SHE is always fine and even looks forward to it.  (no siblings, peace & quiet, popsicles, she doesn't remember any of the bad parts, etc)  This time was different...she was VERY anxious.  Which made me anxious.  BUT in the back of my head I was thinking... but we've totally done this before, she'll be fine.

Weeeell... they called me before hand to make sure I doubled up on her asthma meds before she went under anesthesia.  They said it was very important for her airways to be nice and open.  But the night before her procedure, she had some trouble with her asthma .....  so of course all my confidence that all would be well, flew out the window.  And she was oh-so-pitiful!

She and I slept in 10 to 30 minute spurts for a grand total of probably 3 hours last night.  I had Stephen move her mattress to the foot of our bed so I could help her when she woke up scared or coughing.  We were very emotional when we "woke-up".  Poor Stephen.

We went to the hospital at the designated time.  I  made sure everyone-and-their-brother knew she had had asthma trouble the night before...and that she had taken lots of benedryl, orapred and inhalers.  I gave them WAY more details than they wanted to know and handed everyone the actual bottles of her meds so they could write it down correctly.  They all kind of looked at me like..."cooky woman...she's done this before?"

But ya'll....she may be 10... but 10 sometimes seems so young to me!!!  She's still my baby.

When she's not feeling good, she wants her Daddy.  And that's fine with me...I want her precious self to have whatever she wants.  But when they roll her out...and only DAddy gets to go.  And that room looks so empty.  And I would just like to run in there and remind all the Drs and nurses about her breathing ONE more time.  I just started crying.  Stephen had to come back and wait with me, of course.  He saw me and kind of grinned and said..."you do this every time."  Yep. 

Bless her heart, she was SO miserable when she came back and was coming to.  But I was just so giddy to have her back and breathing!!  She's still mildly miserable due to the BRAVO, but it'll get better in a couple of days.  We're trying our best to keep her comfortable and happy.

The BRAVO is a little capsule sized monitor that is suctioned to the inside of her esophagus.  It will monitor the acid activity and send it to a little wireless pack that she wears around for 2 days.  We return the pack (along with a chart of all her eating, sleeping, pain activity) to the ER on Wed morning.  The BRAVO will fall off on its own and just go through her system.  We just flush it.

Her Dr. said everything really looked good.  But he didn't understand why she had undigested food in her tummy.  (the last time she had eaten was a 6pm the night before)  So I guess we wait for the biopsies and the BRAVO results...but I'm very happy it LOOKED healthy.  He can normally tell just by looking.

So there you go.  Hopefully that was enough info for family...probably a little too much for those who aren't.  ;)  

Thanks so much to those who prayed for my sweet Lula-belle....and her crazy mom. 

And thank you, Merciful, Loving, Father for keeping her safe!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Hacker...Up & Coming

My husband is a "good hacker".  Since I'm not a techie...that's what I call it.  You know, those guys who get paid to see if  they can hack into people's networks so said people will know if said network is secure or not?

(You're going to wonder how someone could possibly post so many pictures of a kid sitting at a laptop.)

I like pictures.  :)

Today Stephen started teaching Lucy how to program.  They got a LITTLE carried away and it turned into her entire school day.

Notice who got the "cool" laptop.

Apparently this kinda work is more amusing than one might imagine.

Lucy sharing some of her new knowledge with Clyde.

Watch out world...she's smart....AND pretty!  I'm not bragging...just stating truth.

25th Anniversary

Mom & Paul celebrate their 25th anniversary this weekend.  But LAST weekend, WE celebrated it with them. 

We had sausage-apple torte, parmesan potatoes, broccoli salad and spice cake.  And we just had a good time hanging out.

 Iris was very unhappy with the food choices (in case you can't tell).

Happy Anniversary, you two!!  Love you both!  Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Doll Sized Cakes

Lucy and E recently informed me that they haven't had a sleepover with JUST eachother since they were six.  (GASP)  OH THE HORROR!

Well, we just couldn't have that!

Let  me tell  ya...these girls no how to pack a punch into one itty-bitty evening. 

They played dolls for SEVERAL hours before asking to bake doll sized cupcakes.

If these two ever own a human-sized bakery, they're going to need some mighty big hair-nets!

They even made their own fondant and sculpted it FOREVER!  (I'm such a push over)

They have finally gotten ready for bed, but their dolls need mani- pedi- 's first.  (Lucy has never had one...not sure how she knows what they are.)

(Smile)  It's been sweet watching/listening to them :)

Home-made Hex-Bug/Zhu-zhu Track

Iris and Clyde built what they call "Super Mario World".

Super Mario World is made of Tinker toys.  The "player" holds a Hex-spider remote and tries to steer said spider from "point A" to "point B" within the tinker toy maze.

If you touch the loose a life.

When you get through that level of Super Mario World you go through a tougher level where a hex-ant is released. 

If the ant touches you... you loose a life.

When you pass that level, you move on to Bowzer Jr's Castle.  This time, you not only have to avoid the hex-ant, but also a zhu-zhu pet.

If the zhu-zhu pet touches loose a life.

What I want to know is how you get one of those cool helicopter hats or fire-balls.

.....or ......maybe I don't!

We Took a "Baby Day"

It wasn't exactly a snow day.  We'll call it a "baby day".  You of those days you completely skip school and go hang out with friends because your parents just had another baby ;)  And your friends get a free pass too!  Um...and it was NOT us that had the baby ;)

Iris and A playing Webkinz...

The boys did a LOT of this wii nonsense....and they LOVED it! Guess who the "funny one" is?  Lucy told me that T is "SO funny".  She then tried to repeat something funny he told her.  She tried VERY hard.  But she never succeeded due to laughing so hard she could barely breathe.

The girls crafted A TON.  But I didn't get a picture of that...instead I got a picture of them deciding which color roof we should get.  And you know what?  I'm going with their decision.

Oh yeah, I did get a picture of their puppet show.  They made a compromise with the boys.  They would not expect attendance at their puppet show as long as the boys would  set up their spy cameras in front of the "stage" and watch it that way ;)

It was a ton of fun listening to them and watching them all interact and play.  And the next morning I got to hold one adorable Baby P :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Day They All Skipped School....well, Except Knuckles

It started out like any other school day...

But, I only had one student...and he was weird looking....and where were my kids, anyway????

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Wii Party For A Not-So-Wee Clyde

My boy has been planning his 8th birthday party for awhile.  He decided he wanted a wii party.  He wanted his friends to come over and play wii...and that was it. 

When I asked if he still wanted cake, he looked at me like I was crazy and said, "of course!...and shrimp...and sweet potato casserole."  He wanted a red cake with just the word "Wii" on it.  I reminded him that red makes him sick at his stomach so we went and picked out some blue sprinkles colored with some kind of vegetable extract.  We made a completely dye (for him) and dairy (for his sister) free cake from scratch!! 

Oh and he wanted Shadow the Hedgehog (friend to Sonic...I assume?...guess I need to learn these important details!) and his motorcycle on the cake.  I, being the weird mother I am, just really needed the word "Clyde" and the number "8" somewhere on the I made a road sign.  And, fortunately, he approved it!  (When I was stressing about not having "Clyde" and "8" on the cake like a loony woman, Stephen heroically suggested the road sign...what a man!)

Since you can only have 4 wii-motes playing at a time, I told Clyde he only needed to invite 3 friends so no one would be left out of the games.  Here are the four boys waiting on sweet potato casserole and popcorn shrimp while wearing their Sonic and Knuckles hedgehog hats.

Here they are right before singing "Happy Birthday"...


Clyde and McKellan...

Clyde and Will...

Clyde and Drew...

Playing Wii !!!

A few "after party" shots :)

*sigh*  eight years since I held that fuzzy little baby with the pointy ears  :)