Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day

You'll never guess what we did for Father's Day!

We went to see my father!

We had a really nice weekend just hanging out with Dad & Janet.  Amidst the frivolity, Dad opened the card the kids made for him....
He may or may not have received some more moose paraphernalia.

Then Stephen opened the cards the kids made for him....

Sherry and I with our wonderful Dad :)

The kids with their wonderful Dad :)

The kids with Grandad and Grandmom :)

 Happy Father's Day to 2 really great Dads!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Life Lately

Iris has gotten rather addicted to the camera lately.  One day I'll have a post full of her pictures, but for now, a self portrait :)

Lucy's dolls have been ever busy.  Thus, she has really been taking lots of pictures to keep up with all the memories.  Here they are doing each other's hair and listening to music.

We had a sort of baby shower for my niece, Erica, who is expecting her first baby!  A boy!!

We casually left the final Sisters Grimm book laying in the van for Lucy to discover.

Just this past week, we had music camp at church...sort of a VBS, if you will.
While I was helping with this....

The kiddos were doing this....

Also, I recently found this sign, posted by Clyde, on the door to the basement.

 Shortly after, I discovered this sign, posted by Iris.  
Translation- "I am running to Antarctica, so I can't buy the batteries."

Yeah.  Not sure about that one.  :)

Fairy House

Lucy and her two DEAR friends put GREAT efforts into building a fairy house.  You know, JUST IN CASE they're real.  They're not convinced, but it would be a SHAME if they were real and we didn't do anything for them.

Here's their pantry for food storage.

The woven grass pallet atop a mossy mattress for a bed.

The dining room table, complete with Fairy's first meal as a house warming gift.

Here we have a complete shot of the house and the garden next to it, which has a built in plumbing system as its water supply.  Notice the rain barrier of moss around the house.  The idea is, the moss will absorb any waterflow, preventing flooding and home destruction.

The construction and amenities were not quite enough of a welcome, however, so the girls quickly got started on fairy food.  They made oatmeal, bread, cornbread and cakes.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

So, our young padawans have, lately, become a wee bit obsessed with Star Wars.  One in particular (and it may surprise you to know which one, but it will be revealed in the pics.) 

We have watched episodes I - V (mommy edited versions....if you want a typed copy of when to stop, fast forward or mute for any episode, let me know).  They are in GREAT anticipation waiting for episode VI!  We probably watch an episode per week, so the last month and a half has looked like this...

The three have decided they are padawans and they've been studying the Star Wars Encyclopedia to learn the different moves one is to know to fight with a light saber correctly.  Notice how when they get a hand cut off they tuck one arm behind their back :)  Good sports!

Lucy drew herself as Padme on the driveway.  She was unhappy that she didn't get to finish.

Lucy dressed as Padme on Tattooine.. (I thought she did quite nicely having to use only what she could find in Clyde's dress up clothes.)

Finally, she improvised with what doll clothes she could find and dressed Felicity as Leia and Lissie as Padme.  Notice Padme's gun tucked into her belt.  They would so get on to me for calling that thing a gun and not its proper name! :) 

Clyde's been quite obsessed as well, but I didn't get as many pics of him, since his obsession shows in through the amount of time his nose has spent in the Star Wars encyclopedia.  He's memorized all kinds of crazy facts about very obscure characters.
He says he endorses these two :
Also, learning to talk like Yoda, they have been.

May the force be with you!