Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012

When I named this post, I immediately loaded pictures of the kids decorating the tree this year.  Then I thought, "No, that's not what I want."  Then I started what you're about to see.  I wanted a picture of the kids with a Christmas tree every year.  Unfortunately, it appears that I wasn't very good at taking a picture every year, so there's a portrait studio tree one year, my mom's tree a few years, a barely indistinguishable tree at my Dad's in the far background another year and well...since Lucy was born on Christmas Day, finding a tree for a photo-op just wasn't one of my priorities.  Fortunately my mother-in-law suggested this shot....

2001- Lucy's first Christmas was her birthday.  No tree shot, but we got her with a stocking!

2002- photo studio tree :)

2003- Lucy helping prop Baby Clydie Monster (he growled) up as he grips the couch for his first Christmas.  My Dad's tree IS in the background...that'll just have to do.
 2004- No together shots, but at least we got separate ones here in front of my Mom's tree.

 2005- Our first real tree!  And Baby Iris's first Christmas!

2006- This might be my favorite....and we've yet to decorate the tree, but those are some stinkin cute kids!

2008- Tree at Dollywood with cold babies.

2009-First Christmas at our present starting to look too big!

2010- ha!

2011- Sweet faces.

2012- Three blessings!

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