Monday, November 12, 2012

A Galaxy Over the Mountain

Stephen had an overnight trip to Baltimore, so I drove my crazy self over to my Dad's lest I panic.  I took the three sweet munchkins with me....with their Star Wars costumes.  And they made sure that I remembered that Grandad and Grandmom had not seen them in their costumes yet, and remember, Mom, how we do that trick-or-treating thing where we knock on the doors in Grandad and Grandmom's house?

Yes, I remember.

But first other activities scrabble with Grandmom.

Trying to "get" Grandad...

Getting "got" by Grandad....

Grandmom had the younger two "rake" her leaves and much merriment occurred.

Grandmom distracted Clyde from his shiny new goose-egg as he applied ice.

Eating out for Grandad's (late) birthday.  These two did a staring contest, but my camera just isn't quick enough!

Once Daddy was back in town and Sherry showed up, it was time for the residents of Tatooine and Naboo came to join us.

The way this works is this.  Grandad and Grandmom's house is laid out in a sort of circle.  The kids knock on a door, Grandmom lets them in gives them a treat, they knock on the next door, Sherry lets them in, gives them a treat, they knock on the next door....etc.  You get the picture.

Because you're always hopping, it's hard to get good pictures.  We always give Grandad the living room.  Whenever they knock on his door he always says, "We don't want any!"  Here they are trick or treating with Grandad....

and Sherry...

Grandmom was very innovative and dressed up like a mattress once by wearing a fitted sheet.  I know she dressed up as other things, but I didn't get to see her.  And she wouldn't let me take  a picture :(

Sherry and I had excellent access to the dress up bin, so we were constantly changing things up....

Stephen is from Jamaica, mon.  He did other creative things as well between each visit from the kids.  (Oh yeah, they make multiple circuits around the house. 

The kids going through their goodies and figuring out how to use some from their tutor....
The kids don't plan on outgrowing this anytime soon.

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