Monday, December 29, 2014

Tractor Festival

Due to my rather long, mostly successful, but still in progress recovery from panic disorder and my long but mostly successful, but still in progress adjustment to medication, I'm going to need you to travel back in time with me to October.  I'm trying my best to keep my blog chronological ;)

We went to my Dad's for his town's annual tractor festival!

The barrel train did not disappoint, as usual, it gets bigger and cooler every year.  They have a spoooky tunnel they drive it through too.  Just glad my 12 year old hadn't decided she was too big for it :)

Potato sack races!!  I really had to coerce Iris to be in it, which I wouldn't have done, but she was looking rather wistful, I didn't want her to regret later not having done it.  She ended up winning 3rd place, as did my Clydie.  Lucy was right in 3rd place and was the ONLY girl, but ended up tripping, bless her heart and managed to fracture her sweet thumb.  But they all had fun doing it!  I was proud of Lu, I know she was a bit out of her comfort zone, racing with a bunch of boys in her age group.

Grandparents and grandkids making stairsteps :)

Having fun being Bigfoot.

The kids section was HUGE and so much fun this year.  I know I'm putting tons of pictures in this entry, but I weeded out a ton!!

The only cow Lucy will ever milk!

You can always rest on Sherry's willing lap when your lightheaded kicks in!!

At least until Mom and Dad buy absurdly huge snowcones to counter said lightheadedness!

Much fun!!  As always!!

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