Monday, October 5, 2015

Dad's Birthday

We went to my Dad's and Janet's for his belated birthday weekend :)

When we got there, for some reason, the general consensus was to color...

Then all three kids wanted a demonstration of Dad's "crack and egg over your head" skills.  Didn't get a pic of Lu, cause she was the first one, but it freaked them all out!!  He's the best, it's pretty freaky :)

We went out to dinner and Dad got free cheesecake :)

Back out the house, he had an audience as he opened cards and presents.

 Some cards from the kids...

Iris baked with Grandmom and Nana, while the older two took a gun safety course from their Daddy and Uncle David in the vast woods behind Dad's.

That night they practiced a couple of songs to sing for worship at church with Grandmom.

Clyde watched TV parallel to David :)

Grandad and grandaughters with their semi-profiles :)

Kids singing at church the next morning with Grandad-the-song-director listening, and sometimes singing along, close at hand :)

Always have a great time when we get to visit for the weekend!

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