Friday, December 1, 2017

Kids' Birthday Dinner w/ Grandmom & Grandad

Backposting from Jan of 2017

Dad & Janet drove over the mountain and met us at the scrumptious Ruby Tuesday, where the staff was wonderful with our food restrictions.  They came so they could host a birthday dinner for the kids.  Lucy is my Christmas baby, Clyde's b-day is 2 weeks later and Iris 3 weeks later.

So while we waited on our yumminess, Dad and Janet gave them their gifts... gift cards to see movies in the theater!!  I believe these were saved to watch Spiderman Homecoming.

And then Dad stuck out his tongue and that was just too cute to not include...

 And using flatware at a restaurant with my amazing father isn't complete without some amount of construction involving water glasses and knives.  Add to Dad's fun, two engineer-type sons-in-law, and a VERY hands-on grandson and this is what you get.  It actually got more elaborate and the wait staff asked us if we would leave it there for them.  

Another year older, these kids!!  Aaaahhh!

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