Monday, October 30, 2017

School- Fall Semester 2016/17

Still backposting...

Just a glimpse of what our homeschooling looks like... sometimes pajamas and pets are combined with our textbooks and computer programs, sometimes we're in structured classrooms, and sometimes we dress up and play prairie girls...

You have to finish reading about Jim Elliot, but your sister is light-headed and gets a free pass.

A bigger picture shot...

Grammar is just more palatable with a puppy sleeping on your arm...

Bulletin board duty is always fun when it's with a bestie!

Ferrets like to learn too.

Iris and her crew are eating up their Prairie girl days!!

Typing a paper and I think this was Clyde's Leonardo Da Vinci project, but not sure.

See how Iris adores math??

World History is where Lucy sits next to Lucille :)

When Mom's and Lucy's syncope is acting up, but yours isn't, but you have to deal with the freezing temperatures so they don't pass out... this becomes your school uniform (hot tea included).

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