Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Reformation Celebration 2018

Backposting for October 2017

Our church sometimes has a reformation celebration where kids and adults where costumes (if they want) and play reformation related games.... think "Diet of Worms", "Pin the 95 Thesis", "Tetzel's Toss", etc...

On our way to all the fun, we stopped at Panera... couldn't resist some pics...

Some of the big girls!

More big girls!

Clyde and JT... I always wondered if people knew it was Clyde in there...

These two guys definitely knew it was Clyde :P

 Lu ran a booth...   My kids are SO BIG! 😱

 Falkor had some big fans!

Everybody's favorite SuperGirl!

Iris and Katie...

The girls in the jumpy house!

Lucy still working...

So I took lots of pics of the girls, apparently, but Iris is my youngest, so....

Falkor observing all the merriment.

Clyde and Will assisting with a booth!

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