Sunday, August 5, 2018

Christmas at Home 2017

Backposting for December of 2017

We woke up Christmas morning, got ready leisurely, and then the kids started separating presents into stacks.  It's funny leading up to Christmas, because we get weird about the wrapping paper.  We all want to wrap each person's gift in a paper we think they will like, but not if someone else has already wrapped that person's gift in it.  :P

Kids with Nana :)

 The puppies get their presents.  They lasted about 2 hours.

Clyde reading the comical coffee mug (HE LOVES COFFEE) that Iris got him. 

Lucy was very excited to get her sketching pencils from Clyde.  They had been repeatedly mentioned leading up to Christmas.

Nana opening a gift.

Iris with her My Little Pony inspired eye-shadow from Lucy, and Lucy with her Piano Guys sheet music from Iris. :)

Clyde with his glass putty from Lu and Lu with her drawing pencils again.

Everyone gave Daddy survival stuff!

Lu got a gift card for a break out place.

Iris with her new "grown up" Bible.

Stephen's battery pack to help further his solar power projects.

Iris sees she has a Pandora box... get it??

Clyde's new record player! (packaged with a wand rack)

Displaying her charm bracelet with the newly added charms.

Clyde got Iris a small waffle iron and Iris got him a funny mug.

 Stephen surprised me with a necklace with his initials on it... per some song lyrics we've been singing. (My first jewelry ever from Tiffany's!  I think us girls all kind of swooned over the blue box a little.)

Everyone starts enjoying their gifts for the rest of our lazy day.

Iris coloring with her new markers in her Harry Potter coloring book.

Lu painting and stamping her nails.

Family playing Clyde's new Nefarious game.

 Lucy cracking open her Compilation of Sherlock Holmes from Nena and Papa.

Clyde trying out his new record player with Oak Ridge Boys followed by ABBA.  :D
 It was a great celebration and a great time with each other! <3 p="">

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