Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Ankle

Backposting for Jan 2018

After Christmas, our family went to the playground/dog park one day.  Clyde and Lucy decided to swing while Stephen, Iris and I watched the dogs play.  Shortly, Clyde ran in and told us Lucy had hurt herself very badly.

When we got to her, she was, indeed, in a lot of pain.  We quickly took her to PM pediatrics, where they told us it was just a sprain... a bad sprain, but a sprain.  This is how it looked when we got home.

Then it obviously started looking much worse, and, though we were following instructions, she was still hurting and we were wondering if their diagnosis was correct.

Her entire foot was so swollen, and eventually the bruising crept up to her knee.

After a couple of weeks, I took her to an orthopedist.  It was broken.  Two clean breaks through the fibula.

She was crushed, because this meant indefinite postponement of her surprise 16th birthday gift... a trip with her and two friends.  We had already reserved a unit and bought tickets. 

But she braved up, got a blue cast, and we headed home...

Iris had fixed her a cushy corner of the couch, complete with snacks, covers, books, and nail polish.

She was still able to attend some events, but was struggling with being bummed about being unable to participate. She really had a better attitude about it than I think I would have had.

Kind of hard to play organ in a cast.

By mid April, she was pretty much cleared by her physical therapist to resume regular activities, though the bone had, oddly, not completely healed.  So what we originally thought was a sprain, took 3 and a half months to get over.

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