Monday, May 3, 2010


Grandad and Grandmom have given us season passes to Dollywood for the last couple of years for Christmas. Because of this, we went almost everyday for at least a few hours. Soo...though you may be tired of pictures of my kids.....

Yet another photo dump :)

The first day we went, Lu was recovering from a fever. I made her keep her ears covered on the "windy rides".

This is how much Lucy and Clyde love River Rampage.

This is how much Iris hates it.

Since Iris was too little to ride a lot of rides, I let her play a game (if picking a duck out of water is a game) and she won this puppy. She named it Isabelle. She now has four stuffed animals named Isabelle.

My big kids kept insisting on riding things by their selves. Am I seriously old enough for this to be happening???

My mom came one day.

My sister came one day.

Stephen got to go for half a day on Friday, but the pictures aren't on the computer yet.


  1. I remember loving DollyWood - I went one time in 5th grade! Looks like fun!

  2. Iris on the water ride - I clicked on the pic to see it enlarged - priceless! Her look of terror is priceless. Poor youngest child. I remember many similar situations myself.