Friday, April 30, 2010

Do They See Us Coming???

Part of the way we entertain ourselves for free on Stephen's business trips (and at home too!) is by going to fun stores. I always feel a little guilty about terrorizing the store clerks and not buying anything. Do they see me coming with my brood and groan?

but I do make the kids not touch breakables, put everything back and generally leave it nicer looking than when we got there. Does that make up for the noise we make and the havoc we wreak?....and if we go over the edge, I MIGHT buy chapstick?

Bass Pro Outlet

Hermit Crabs

International Percussion Instuments

Taffy Pulling

Other Cool Stuff

So I did let them each pick one kind of candy...unfortunately for me, they each wanted to pick a different candy STORE. Lucy= jellybeans, Clyde= sour paint and paintbrush, Iris= ninimems (m&m's) and me= peanut butter fudge!and more, but I'll try not to torture you all with MORE pictures.

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