Friday, June 4, 2010

What's With Mom?

I'm far enough removed from the situation now that I can post pictures and joke about it. I DESPISE having my children put under anesthesia. I know that some poor kids have to have insane amounts of surgery done and their parents would probably think I was a kook, but I can't help it. I pace the floor and cry like a baby till they bring MY BABY back and I can see for my self that she pulled through.

Do I sound dramatic? I'm sure I am. I know. I have issues, but this time I was even MORE paranoid because of Lu's asthma. We had that girl pumped full of asthma meds and steroids, I'm surprised she didn't sumo wrestle the poor anesthesiologist to the ground. She did great and the results were as wonderful as they could possibly be.

So now that Mom's not shaking in her boots anymore, I thought I would show everyone how Stephen and Lucy felt during the whole experience.....


*yawn* glad I have some time to read without Iris and Clyde tormenting me

Yay! I get to swallow the raspberry amnesia medicine!!!!

So seriously, Dad, what is up with Mom????

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