Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why I'm hardly on the computer anymore. (a good thing)

Lucy's asthma/allergy Dr's have all told me she doesn't need to live in a house with carpet. We've never pulled them up because we knew it would take $$$. So if you read a previous post, I was thinking about just ripping them up and not replacing them with anything even though they're just plywood. Then a darling soul (thank you D.W.) suggested painting them. We saw this as a possibility even though we seem to be the only people in the world who haven't seen this option and don't watch HGTV.

This is what our nasty-who-knows-how-old-it-is carpets looked like. This stain is very typical of the stains that were ALL OVER it. (Eeeew) They DO NOT come out with carpet cleaning!

This is what our living situation looks like right now.

This is all of our matresses in the play room (yep, that bright pink bed you just see the corner of is mine and Stephen's, and no, our bed is not normally bright pink)

We're experimenting on our room...we've done the cleaning, filling, sanding (oh my goodness), cleaning again, priming, and two coats of polyurethane yet.


  1. Love it, that is an interesting idea!! (we don't watch HGTV either)

  2. hey that turned out nice! i'm guessing you won't be hosting any parties this week, eh?

  3. That looks really great!! I've heard of it before, but haven't seen it done first hand. Kudos to you guys for buckling down and getting it down. I can't imagine the work involved. Hope it helps Lucy loads!!!

  4. Oh, I love me some paint.

    Also, one of the houses I grew up in, we painted the ceiling in the dining room. It was really beautiful even though it sounds, um, different.

    And also? I spent my entire downtime on vacation last spring watching HGTV. LOVE.