Friday, March 18, 2011

Bummer Week

My camera broke, so there will be no pictures on this post.

No pictures of things like....the baby booties I tried to make, which turned out not-so-successfully.  Like how they all look like left foot booties.  How did THAT happen?!  ...and how they are all different lengths?!  What the eggplant is that all about?!  So...I am not giving these to the intended recipients...guess I'll have to find something else.  So I plagued my family with sewing stuff spread out everywhere and keeping my nose to the machine all week for naught.  Oh well.

There will also be no pictures of my sick children, nor  of the outings that we planned, but were not able to attend.

There will be no pictures of my Wednesday night small group, since I somehow just didn't show up without warning....because of afforementioned sick children and one very distracted mind.

I HAVE had plenty of time to sit around and observe my house and it's need for work.  Work for which I have no time, energy or currency.

Now that I have complained so much, I should end with something positive. 

How bout this....

I know life could be much MUCH MUCH worse.

but I'm still want chocolate.

and obviously I am in need of more consistent quiet times.

the end.


  1. doh. i can't believe you guys are still sick!

  2. not still sick....sick, again. but I can't believe it either!

  3. Mindy, I am so sorry about your rough week. If I knew where you lived, I would bring you chocolate right now. And a chick flick. And we could be girls and complain and cry and eat our chocolate.

    Praying your weekend is better than your week!

  4. :D Em, that is SO stinkin sweet! Thank you!