Friday, October 28, 2011

Just Call Me a Sucker

A few (2 or 3) weeks ago, Lucy bought a sewing pattern for $1 with her own money.  It was for making princess costumes for your 18" doll.  When she made this purchase, I warned her that I had no time to help.  We had a costume party and a Disney trip coming up and lots of school (always) there was just NO WAY that I would have time to help her with this project.  She looked sad and wistful, but bought the pattern anyway.  I looked at her firmly, she replied, "I just really want Felicity to have a Halloween costume."   I thought, "Well, at least she'll learn from this, not to buy things she doesn't have time to use."


cause, see, Mama's a sucker.  And it wasn't too long before I started pulling the pattern out and cutting it up, washing and ironing fabric.  Seeing her stare at that pattern was just too much for me.

She was THRILLED when she saw me working on it.  "Don't get too excited.  There's NO WAY I'm going to have it done before Halloween."  She just grinned at me....and bounced.

Then Iris ambled up..."whatcha sewing?"

"An Ariel costume for Felicity."

(silence)  "Wow.  I really wish Octavia could have had a costume.  That would have been so neat."

she sighs and walks away.

I notice that we happen to have a couple yards of light blue silky stuff.  hmmmm.

And so I neglect all the other things that REALLY NEED to be done to sew costumes for DOLLS.  DOLLS, PEOPLE.  The whole time I sewed and sewed....I thought to myself how ridiculous I was being and how much better my time would be spent doing other things....LIKE PACKING.

Stephen would walk in and watch me and sigh.  He would remind me of all that needed to be done.  But he didn't get mad.  He even helped me gather the top of a petticoat.

Lucy knew I was sewing for her doll, but Iris had NO clue I was sewing for hers too.

This morning they came down to this....

right on time.  Of course, I only had a few hours to pack for a week at Disney.  I'll let you know what I forgot.

But even so, I didn't feel quite so ridiculous when I saw their faces :)


  1. Mindy, you are the best mom. You truly know what is important, and those smiles prove it.

  2. Yes it is important to pack, but the memory you gave the girls of you taking time out to make costumes for their dolls will stay with them and show them how much you care and love them...and what is important to them. Don't judge that run on sentence! Also I pack better with little time and under stress. Hope you grabbed everything you needed! So cute!
    Kristin Sotelo