Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tractor Show

Went to the tractor show w/ Grandad and Grandmom today.

The kids LOVE this every year...and every year it gets bigger and bigger.

This year, they actually all worked up the nerve to do the potato sack race....

Here they are holding their sack race ribbons (every participant got one) and eating cotton candy.

We watched blacksmith and antique washing/wringing machine demonstrations..

Lucy learned to play a 1 string can banjo....

They rode in the barrel train...each barrel was painted to resemble a different kind of tractor.

We stopped to eat beans, cornbread and cookies.  Iris ADORES beans, and would be happy to eat them for every meal!

Lucy decided that her little bit of money was burning a hole in her pocket and bought a bandana.  Then the other two followed suit....

Clyde has been saving for quite a while and has managed to save a good bit of money.  He sunk $25 into this scented stuffed lion.  He got to pick what scent went into he is now the proud owner of a 'camu-camu' scented lion named Roarbert.

Iris is most covetous, since she DESPERATELY wants a 'paradise punch' scented pink pig.  Lucy just wants some peaches a la mode scented room spray.  Who knew we would spend so long in a Scentsy booth?

 Oh yeah, and we got to see the "Clampett's Truck"  :)  Clyde adores Granny so this was very exciting.  Cause, "She's so Ilarious!"

It was all LOTS of fun!

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