Friday, November 11, 2011

Disney the Clyde Way

Clyde took Disney by storm!  With his mad ninja skillz, it didn't stand a chance.
He rode the most thrilling rides he could, as many times as possible and climbed everything in sight.  He went full throttle until his head struck the pillow, then he even slept with gusto.

And yes, he did keep his ninja mask on from opening untill CLOSING.  (he pushed it down a little to eat)

The first day I missed alot of picture opportunities with the Clyde-miester, cause I was waiting in character lines with the girls.  Stephen took him on the Haunted Mansion (which he loves) and the Speed Way and on each coaster multiple times.

Downtown Disney, of course, has no rides.  But he quickly became the trading pin KING.  Here he is at the pin stand....see that wall in the back ground, they had like 10 walls covered in pins to buy.  And of course you can trade them too.

The boy ended up with so many he couldn't wear them all.  I'm pretty sure his lanyard weighed as much as he did.  And many of his pins have moving parts...he was very skilled at trading up!  Like this gator ...the mouth opens to reveal Captain Hook!  He's very proud of these pins.

His souvenirs are a little over the top, too!

When we went to Animal Kingdom, he was so excited that he couldn't stay seated during the Safari.

Here's Papa holding him down.  Notice how his mouth looks like it's saying "ssshhhhh!" to Clyde :)

Clyde pretty much adores any ride with the word Mount or Mountain in Everest is pretty much the bomb!

"Mom, why are you taking pictures ON EVEREST?!"

Here he is in front of the mountain he conquered....3 times!

At the end of the day, when we were waiting on others in our party, Clyde and Iris started playing hide and seek.  Here he is "disguised" as a rock.  Stephen and I were sure this would not work.  We were took her a while to find him.  Yeah....I know.  :)

Day 4 at Epcot.  Since he had already conquered Soarin (a hang-gliding ride) once that day, he opted out of the second time and decided to accompany his sister on Finding Nemo..... and then act Clyde-esque for some pictures.

He was also a very good sport when we took time out for little sister to meet characters!

When we went to Hollywood Studios, he actually was determined not to ride Star Wars, because he thought it wouldn't be exciting enough!!  I doubted the wisdom in this decision and decided to veto it... I was right.  He loved it and wanted to ride it again. trading pin king?

He rode Thunder Mountain MANY times.  Here was, probably, his favorite the VERY front, with the MEN!

Thunder Mountain again....

You can't SEE the Rockin Roller Coaster, since it's inside and dark....BUT he conquered it, too!  And it was CRAZY!

But he didn't love it as much as Space Mountain!  Something about that crazy fast rollercoaster in the dark, having no idea which way it's going to whip you next just can't be beat in his book.  I lost count how many times he rode it.  It is his ULTIMATE favorite!!

He requested that I take a picture of him holding the castle in his hand. 

And carrying it on his back ;)

Here we are with our VERY necessary Micky balloon.

And with his Micky balloon from 2 years ago, for comparison....

And THAT, dear people, is how you do Disney, Clyde style!