Thursday, November 10, 2011

Disney the Lucy Way

Lucy likes the relaxed approach to Disney World.

She adores the shows and the laid back rides.

Here we are waiting to get into her VERY favorite from 2  years ago....Mickey's PhilharMagic.  It really is a neat show, full of sensory surprises.

She also would like me to inform everyone, that if they enjoy this show, she also endorses Monsters Inc Laugh Floor & she really likes the Carousel of Progress (which I believe Walt Disney created for the New York World's Fair).  She's always into the educational things....such a problem child ;)

As we walked from one attraction to another, she tended to walk beside Papa and talk and talk and talk...don't think he minded that too much :)

She also really loves very relaxing the people mover.  The people mover is exactly what its name just moves people around get them out of the way???  Anyway, it's a medium-slow moving blue cart-train that moves you all around the place up above peoples heads creating a nice cool breeze. It's never crowded, since it's not really a main attraction, and Lucy learned that if you twirl your finger at a cast member, they will not make you get off and you can ride it again and again....

and again.  (she rode it 6 times)

but she can act a little crazy, if she wants to ;)

Two years ago, she was just dying to meet all the characters.  This year, the only one she REALLY wanted to see was Ariel...mainly because Lucy herself was in a mermaid costume.  The Ariel this year was really sweet.

And just for's Lu and Ariel 2 years ago....

One of her two favorite rides at Animal Kingdom was the Safari...

Her other favorite, there, is the Kali River Rapids and she could ride it again and again....

Of course she enjoyed the Lion King show there cause she's just a show kinda girl...

At Epcot she has 2 favorite things....the Imagination Lab

And the World Showcase...this is where they have shops and restaurants that represent different countries from around the world.

Here she is at the United Kingdom...(she loved the shrubbery mazes)


Morocco ....

Maybe part of the reason she likes shows is so she can rest while we wait?  Here she gets a nap on Daddy.   I think we all kind of appreciated this break.

When we went back to Magic Kingdom, she was determined to get to visit Tom Sawyer's Island.  You take a ferry over there, explore the island on foot, then ferry back....she REALLY enjoyed this.

The big surprise, though was that this year,  she tried two new more adventurous kind of rides.  Splash Mountain (which I didn't get a picture of) and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, HER FIRST ROLLER COASTER.  We were so proud.  She hopped in line, but got more and more nervous.  She almost backed out, but she made it!  She rode first with Daddy and LOVED it!

Here she is with Sherry..

Thunder Mountain is now her favorite ride!  Here's my girl in front of her first coaster!

We heard her say at one point, "It's so hard not to smile here!"

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  1. That trip looks like fun! I agree with lucy wholeheartedly, it is hard not to smile in Disney. ;)