Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Lives Recently

Aside from the last two entries (which I posted in the last 24 hours) it's been a while since I've posted anything.'s a quick summary of life here, lately ....

I sat down one day to grade Clyde's science workbook.   He was supposed to come get me if he had trouble understanding the question...but apparently it was just easier to write "I dot no"....translation (I don't know).

We had a couple of stained glass butterflies left over from Iris's party.  Clyde decided to make one (even though it was too girly for his taste).  I thought it was very cute that he sat with his nose pressed to the oven door to watch it bake.  He actually sat there for awhile observing the little plastic "sprinkles" melting together.

The boy's pretty impressive when it comes to killing green pigs.  Apparently he had creamed all the levels (pretty quickly), but now angry birds has sent out an, not to worry.

Lucy designed a doll ice-skating costume out of an old t-shirt sleeve, some stickers and some ribbon.  She also put cardboard "blades" on the bottom of her boots, but I didn't get a pic of  THAT part.

For a girl who's (thankfully) not too into "dolling" herself up, her make-up girl sketchpad (which she bought with her own money) is dolled up.

Lucy's very first french braid.  And her skills are improving mightily.

The ferrets got baths (cause one of them stuck her head in a that just ruined things for everybody)  :)

Daddy & Daddy's girl...

There have been lots of interesting hair pieces making their debut in the hair of "the baby".  I love how she wears  her galoshes all the time :)

Iris has found a new amusement involving a ferret (either will do) and a Lalaloopsy bus...

She recently bought a tea set from the dollar store.  Her siblings very agreeably allowed her to serve them tea.

And there you have a glimpse (or twelve)  into our everyday lives :)  Thanks for taking the time to know us better!

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  1. Your Clyde is so handsome!! And I looooove his science book :)