Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Last First Lost Tooth

It finally happened. 

Iris has witnessed her older brother and sister lose their teeth.  Then she watched some of her fellow five-year-olds lose teeth.  Then they all turned six and the rest of them lost at least one if not four teeth.  She kept saying she was NEVER going to lose one.

Then her permanent teeth started growing in BEHIND her baby teeth.  And, indeed, we began to wonder if she was right. 

Tonight, she asked if I would brush her teeth.  I reached in and tugged at the loose one.  She didn't react so I tugged harder...and harder....and harder...and....

presto....toothus removus :)

I have NEVER seen a child so freaked out at seeing her tooth out of her head.  It was something to behold.  She stood in shock.  She started shaking a bit.  She covered her mouth and refused to look in the mirror.  She was completely taken aback.  Wonder what she thought was going to happen as she stood there letting me pull her tooth? 

Oh well...fast forward 5 minutes....


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