Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Birthdays

We got together at David & Sherry's house for David's and Mom's birthdays.  They both have April birthdays.

Here the kids are playing with sidewalk chalk before dinner.  (Uncle David had just given Clyde the cool hat.)

Losing a tooth in this family is a big deal.  The toothfairy brings a book.  Nena gives you money and Aunt Sherry always procures a surprise.  Iris's surprise this year was a camping La-la-loopsy doll.   She really enjoyed setting her up and playing with her.

The La-la-loopsy bird, however, was probably nervous way up high in the tree trunk.

Sherry and David had cooked us an EXCELLENT supper.  It was superb!

Then it was present-opening time.

Clyde & David with the card, Clyde made for him.

Lucy & David with the card Lucy made...

Iris & David with the card Iris made....

David pulling money out of a tissue box...

Iris & Nena with the card Iris made...

Lucy & Nena with the card Lucy made....

Clyde & Nena with the card Clydie made....

Stephen and Clyde

Pretty Lucy  :)

Happy Birthday Ya'll!!!

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