Monday, July 23, 2012

Play Museum Time

Our children require at least one visit, annually, to a local learning/playing museum.  Fortunately for them, Ne-na is usually willing to fulfill that duty ;)

So without further ado....

they do the arch EVERY time!

tinker toys!

Lucy built a lovely windmill next to the wind tunnel and right as I snapped the picture one of the pieces fell off :(

Clyde tries to trick Ne-na into touching a fake piece of.....*whispering*...poop!

Iris, "I drew that!"

Lu and Ne-na building a house...

Iris joins in...

The bee exhibit.

Clyde is "smoking" Lucy-bee so he can steal some honey.  Cracked me up.  Glad theyre not too old to pretend.

Clyde spends much time on puzzles like you see here...that's just how he rolls.

The fun twisty stairs.

I had a vewy scewy Dr apptment with Dr Iris.

...turns out I'm not going to die from my ear infection after all!  Whew!

Then we went on to hang out with Sherryberry at Applebee's and Sweet Cici's...(both of which are allergy friendly!)  Lovely Day!

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