Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life Lately

To those of you who have missed my blogging...I'm so sorry!!  With the weather getting warmer and my medicine not seeming to work any longer, I'm sleeping or lying down A LOT!  Any spare moment that I feel well is taken.  Time is flying past's been over a month since I've blogged, but it feels like a couple of weeks.

This isn't a negative worries! That's mainly because my husband is infinitely patient with my weepy, whiny self.  One of the things I've moped about so much was that I'm afraid that when the kids are grown, they will mostly remember their mom sleeping.  (How's that for borrowing trouble?)  So my ingenious and thoughtful husband moved the kids to a sort of second shift so I can spend more waking hours with them.  For some reason, I'm particularly bad in the mornings and I feel especially wonderful in the middle of the night. :)  It's actually been working fairly well.

We get up at lunch time and eat breakfast.  We eat our lunch when Stephen eats his dinner.  And they have a light dinner around 9 or 10.  They go to bed between midnight and 1am.  Stephen goes to bed at midnight, because he needs less sleep than us weaklings ;)  I still have spells where I sleep when they're awake, but they are fewer and further between :)

A few other things happening around here of late are as follow:

Everyone's been picking Mom flowers every chance they get...tis the season you know!

Sherry & David sponsored some swimming lessons...

The kids have found that lockers may be among their favorite play equipment...

I made Clyde's robe FINALLY!  He picked out the fabrics himself and told me what parts of the robe were to be which fabrics.  This is how he has looked everyday for the past couple weeks...

And every night...

Nena took the kids out and let them each pick out some plants...
Lucy got curry and lemon thyme.
Iris got some flowers (I see them all the time, but don't know the name).
Clyde got jasmine, because it smells so wonderful.

We've seen a couple of plays with homeschool friends...Rogers and Hammersteins Cinderella a month ago and The Miracle Worker just recently.  In prep for The Miracle Worker I made the kids each read a book about Helen Keller, which they thought they'd hate, but they did indeed enjoy.  The plays were great...

Also, I've been reading the Little House books to the kids and we're on #6 out of 9!  We adore them!!  The kids recently became interested in the Duggar family from 19 Kids and Counting and we've been watching the occasional episode of that together which has also been fun :)

And that's us lately....hopefully I'll post a few of the bigger events that I'm late recording very soon!
Thanks for keeping up with us....even though I've been a delinquent updater!

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