Thursday, April 11, 2013

Iris the Gymnast

Iris's Christmas present from her Mommy & Daddy was gymnastics classes.  So all Semester, 2 days a week (except during kidney stone season) she's been taking gymnastics at a local college.  This culminated in her performing in a gymnastics show last Sunday afternoon.  Even though she was VERY(and I mean VERY) nervous about performing, she did an EXCELLENT job.  However, you won't see pics of her performance due to our poor seating and the fact that I took video the whole time.  BUT, without further are some pics from her classes!

I was really proud of how well she listened to her teacher.  I was really kind of taken aback by her dedication.  It was weird to see her not joking around and playing, but always being ready for the next task.  It was just really neat watching her work so hard!

But she says she's switching to rock climbing now ;)

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