Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dollywood Splash Country Part 1

For Christmas, Dad and Janet gave us all passes to Dollywood Splash Country this year.  Since it is a water park, it is only open in the summer.  The summer fairly flew by, and then we took turns not feeling well.  But then, everyone else returned to school, the weather got a little cooler, so ....off we went!

We decided to go one Sunday and then go back the next weekend for the whole weekend.  That first Sunday that we went, Nena agreed to go with us.

First we tackled the lazy river.

We had a time for some photo ops while Stephen took some things to the locker for us.  He's so awesome!!

Then we went down one of the family slides, the Big Bear Plunge.  It has a max of four.  First, Mom, Lucy, and Clyde went down...then Stephen, Iris and I followed.  We love this one, so we did it twice.

Lucy and Clyde raced on the Butterfly.

Then Daddy and Iris followed suit.

Then we rode the Raging River Rapids.  We split ourselves the same way we did on the Big Bear Plunge.  Here are Mom, Lu & Clyde coming off the slide.

Here are Lucy and Clyde ending their journey on The Mountain Twist...Iris came right behind them, but not in time for the picture.

And they LOVED the Slick Rock Racer.  I must admit that this one scared me a bit the first time.

We did other rides that I didn't get pics of, but that's how it goes when you're getting wet and have a camera.  Splash Country doesn't have a huge parking lot like the original Dollywood does, so it wasn't a big deal to go eat our lunch and re-sunblock in the car.  I have no idea how allergen friendly their food is, but I've heard better things about Dollywood itself than Splash Country so we just ate our own food.  We did occasionally buy plain chips and took advantage of their free ice water!!

Before leaving the park, we went back to the Lazy River one more time!

Thank you, Dad and Janet!!!  It was awesome!!

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