Wednesday, December 25, 2013

An Early Christmas

My step-sister Shaun, her daughters (Ashley, Erica, and Aliyah) and her grandson (Joshua) live a few hours away.  They came up a couple of weekends ago, to celebrate Christmas early with us. 

I don't have nearly enough pictures of Shaun and the girls, but I guess that's what happens when you have such an adorable toddler, with a stellar smile and only 6 teeth, running around. 

Here's Mom and Joshua.

Joshua and Papa giving kisses.

Ashley, Erica, Joshua and Sherry

Ashley, Erica and Joshua with his killer smile!

Apparently if Ash holds Joshua up like this, he runs in place....totally cracked me up.

Stephen managed to capture some baby time for a few minutes.

Clyde playing "Where's Joshua?"

Iris and Joshua cooking.

Clyde pretending to try to catch Joshua.

Papa with lovely Shaun and my gorgeous neices.

Joshua enjoyed his clothes WAY more than any toddler I've ever seen.

Joshua is exceptional with technology!

Stephen and Clyde working on the electricity set that Shaun and the girls got Clydie.  They got the girls crafty stuff, but I haven't taken a pic yet.

Aliyah, Sherry, Lucy and Iris playing Chinese checkers.

Lucy and Joshua.

We had so much fun, we don't get to see them nearly enough!

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