Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Daddy @ the Zoo Too

Boy!  Am I behind, or what?!  And during such a happening time!!

I'm going to rewind and catch up... so here goes...

I know that I do way to many posts with us visiting the local zoo, but it's small and we go there quite often, so we feel like we know the animals and they are ours :)

BUT, Stephen hasn't been there since they added many new exhibits and  animals, so we were very excited that he was going to come with us!!  So I had to include a few pics from this special event...

Lucy and her tamarins...

Stephen and the kids with one of the new jaguars.  Previous to these two, they had the same one from when I was a little girl, she just recently died. 

It appers that she's snarling at Clyde in this picture, but she was actually closing her mouth from a yawn...woops...bad timing.

Lucy shockingly posed for a picture with a REPTILE!! ( I personally enjoy reptiles.)

Iris and Clyde with the baby gators...

Lucy tucking close to Daddy while peering reproachfully at the snakes.

Lu and Clyde with the new sloth while she's eating...this was probably Stephen's favorite of the new animals, his previous being the snow leopards.

Some Monkeys :)

Stephen and the goat.

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