Friday, February 27, 2015

Celebrating at Dad's

 My actual birthday was spent at Dad and Janet's house and we had a great time!

But I also knew it would be the only time in October that we would physically be there and the kids THRIVE on Grandmom's trick-or-treat-through-the-house tradition, so I spent most of the day doing this...

in case you can't tell, that's me frantically sewing an Elsa dress!  I didn't get a lot of last minute alterations done, but I got it put together enough for her to wear it around the house.

While I was sewing, Dad and Clyde became twinsies!

As soon as I got relatively done sewing, we threw all the sewing stuff into a corner and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!  Yay!!  I love my birthday, even when it's spent sewing!

Here we are with my card and present...which I managed to save for 2 months before breaking down and buying cool stuff.   PART of, thank-you-very-much!  I spent part on Christmas decor :)  Which I"ve never had much of before!

Here I am with Sherry Berry and her handmade card and present (gift card and phone cover)!

Iris decided that she had to give me two presents!  One at Grandad's ( a porcelain baby Jesus she painted ) on my ACTUAL birthday and one at home with her brother and sister.  This one's love language is gifts!

After my party, the kids dressed up.  After several attempts at spraying Lucy's hair platinum, Grandmom sprinkled it with baby powder and bam!  White hair!


Funny side note, every time they got to Dad, he made them sing Happy Birthday to me again :)

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