Friday, February 27, 2015

Birthday 34 at Home

The kids always insist on throwing Stephen and I birthday parties at home with just us.  It's really sweet.  So even though we celebrated my actual b-day at Dad's, they still threw me a party.

They made me spaghetti.  And everyone acquiesced to playing Taboo!  My favorite game which no one ever wants to play :)

Then Stephen gave me a card, which made me tear up a bit, it contained a couple gift cards and a sweet little ring I showed him.  Iris is quite emotionally fragile... she cries when things are sweet, romantic, sad, get the idea.  You can see it in the pic.
 Clyde picked out the cool hedgehog bag!  Which I LOVE!!  Iris is still recovering from the sweetness of Daddy's card.

Lucy bought me a pretty white bird ornament which I hung as a decoration until time to put it on the Christmas tree.

Clyde got me Yankee candle melters.  A couple scents he knew I loved and a couple new scents to try.

Iris got me a cute little frame and a surprise melter scent.

Then we had coconut cake!!  Because Stephen is just awesome :)  Lu had vegan chocolate cake and was delighted.

It may appear in my blog as though my mom doesn't celebrate my birthday, but that is my fault.  Every year, she takes me out to eat and buys me clothes or something else awesome!  This  year it was home decor THAT I JUST LOVE  :)   But since it's just the two of us and we wear ourselves out, I seem to never think to take a picture :(  But it was awesome..a fun time with Mom!!  Just like every year!!

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