Thursday, April 23, 2015

Christmas @ Nena & Papa's (huge picture dump)

I put WAY too many pics in this one.  Some years, I feel like it's tasteless to put lots of pics of presents, but I'm always thinking how interesting it is to see how the kids' tastes change.  And when I look back at old Christmas pics of Sherry and I growing up, I always think, "oh yeah, I remember THAT!"  And then one day you walk through an antique store... and there are some of the toys you used to have!  What!?   (so that's my excuse for all the present pics this time around)

We woke up early on Christmas morning, eagerly awaiting 8:36 so we could compete to be the first one to say 'Happy Birthday' to Lucy.  Right as we were all about to clammer and scream 'Happy Birthday' first, Lucy darted out the front door to greet Sherry &  David's car, so this was the year that Sherry was first :)

Sherry & David bought books for the kids this year and then donated a collective sum of money to go towards some sort of lessons!  Which is awesome!  This is one of the many reasons why my kids have the most awesome auntie and uncle ever!  Haven't even used the lesson money yet...but it's coming!

Sherry & David with Iris and her new books...

Sherry & David with Lucy and her new books...

Sherry drew my name this year (our first year with adults drawing names).  Here we are with  my new candle (also a really rockin wall hanging not pictured)  But seriously people, this candle....between the crackling sounds and the lavender.... SO relaxing.  Go buy one!

Nena drew Stephen's name so here they are with his new solar panel.

Clyde and Iris got Sherry some votives...

Clyde gave David maple nut goodies ;)

Lucy gave Nena a bracelet.

Stephen drew his own Momma's name and gave her chocolates and crossword puzzles.

Iris drew Papa a poster...

Nana gave Clyde and Avenger's puzzle!  We are all HUGE avengers fans around here!

Iris's big present from Nena & Papa was this awesome Lego set, which she loved!

Lucy gave Sherry ponytail holders...

Iris gave David a logic puzzle...

Iris made Nena a coaster...

Lu and Clyde went into together to get Papa an Airforce pendant they found at Lifeway...

Sherry & David gave Clyde one of the animal identification books he so adores!

Nana drew Sherry's name and I believe was able to get her EVERYTHING on her list all within the price limit.  This is just a few of the items in her box :)

Lucy bought David duct tape...

Clyde bought Nena lotion...

I drew Papa'a name and got his Air Force picture framed.

Nana and Iris with her puzzle!  Girl child has NOT outgrown Sophia the First!!  LOVES her!

Lucy loved her puzzle from Nana!  First thing she played with when she got a chance. (sorry, Nana, got your eyes closed, but it was the only one I had!)

Papa drew David's name and gave him a solar panel... different from STephen's.  hehe... both sons-in-law asked for solar panels ;)

David drew Nena's name and 'David' (wink, wink) picked out these two shirts and earrings that fit perfectly :D

Nana has this beautiful habit of buying her hosts gifts...this is a trait, I wish I would remember to do
myself.  She bought Mom this planner :)

Clyde was terribly excited about his new amphibious remote control car from Nena and Papa!

So here's the deal with Lu.  At the top of her list (She turned 13 this very day, keep in mind.) was another American Girl doll.  She had it narrowed to 2 different dolls.  She didn't know IF she'd get one, or if she did, WHICH one she'd get.  Mom and I had discussed this at lengthe and we kept wondering, would she really enjoy it and play with it at this point?  Does she actually REALLY know what she wants?

The answer was YES!  Nena and Papa gave in and bought her Josephina, and that was the hit of the day!  She played with her and toted her around for days, and still dotes on her.  Lucy knows what she likes, I do not.  I have to admit, she is an enchanting doll, and every once in a while, I found myself 'playing' with her.

After presents and a wonderful Nena-and-Papa-cooked Christmas dinner, we played!

Merry Christmas!!  More Christmas in April to come!

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