Thursday, April 16, 2015

Trimming the Tree

Once again, I find myself playing catch-up.  If you will, travel back in time to December with me....

Iris was actually not feeling well at all, but Lucy's determination to have cookies, hot chocolate (generously provided by Daddy), and music as ambiance perked her up after a while.

Here is Stephen getting things started.  He normally just sits in the room with us, but some Christmas cheer must have found its way to him ;)

This was the first year we let the kids put in the branches.  It was quite nice.  I got to feel quite lazy and they didn't fall out, so this is probably the beginning of a lasting tradition :)

The annual gluing back on of the princes and princesses to one of Lucy's oldest ornaments. What a trooper Daddy is!

Daddy decided it was Lu's turn to put up the star... I don't know how he keeps up, but I'm pretty sure he's right.




Forgot to get a group shot until way later...but here it is!

Thanks for your willingness to travel in time with us!  More of December in April coming up!

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