Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Magic Kingdom

We went to Magic Kingdom a couple of days, because it seems to be most everyone's favorite park.

To actually get there from the parking lot, you have to travel by monorail, ferry, or bus.  We took the ferry the first day, and as the Cinderella castle and Space mountain began to loom in the distance, the excitement grew!

We took some pics on Main Street as we trickled in...

Winnie the Pooh is ALWAYS our first ride at Magic Kingdom, it has accidentally become a tradition as we wait for our first fast pass.  We love it, but I can never get good pics inside!

We got separated for a while, the temps were so much warmer than we anticipated for November and Stephen and I often branched off to get me a cool drink.  So Mom and Sherry sweetly took the kids on the carousel and teacups.

As we walk the kids clamor around Papa in his ECV.

Then he takes the opportunity to honk his horn ;)

Have to ride small world!  And, in our family, you have to sing along!

As are all the chefs at Disney, the chef at Tony's was a peach and took lovely care of Lucy!!  And Tony's is just a fun restaurant, as it is the Italian restaurant featured in Lady and the Tramp.

When we walked out from eating, I noticed the wait time to see Tinkerbell was 5 min!!  So we were all over that!  She was very sweet!  (notice my boy not showing off and juggling a water bottle, I'm sure Tink was VERY impressed ;)  Also, note my 13 year old is taller than Tink's hair bun!  What?!

Disney makes even waiting in line fun.  Since it's hard to take pics in the wonderful shows, I often just take them in line.  Here's everyone laughing at Roz on the TV, she tells jokes, gives Mike Wazowski a hard time, and just generally makes everyone laugh (see Lu and Stephen) while we wait to get in the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.

Mom got one pic in the Laugh Floor before the lights went out...
They ended up using Papa as Mike Wazowski...and when they would show him, Lu would reach over and cover one of his eyes :)

Iris wanted to ride the AstroOrbiter with me, which is basically the Dumbo Elephants on steroids (think fast and set atop a building).  She forgot how high it was and was nervous at first, but was soon mesmerized by being able to see the entire park from up high.  Sherry came with us, but changed her mind and took pics.

One of our favorite rides as an entire fam is the Buzz Lightyear ride!  We love zapping targets and competing for highest scores!  ( I typically get the highest, just sayin  ;)

Zerg then (2009) and now (2015) !!

The people mover was ridden by two or more of us fairly frequently during the 2 days there...

This particular store in Tomorrowland was a big hit, we visited a few times.  The employees are happy to let you play with their build-a-lightsaber set up and even spar with you.

Had to get a pic of Rapunzel's new village and tower!!  Unfortunately didn't get one of the other new castles, our time got cut short the second day.

After leaving for a bit of dinner and putting our feet up, Stephen and I returned to let the kids watch the fireworks.  We found a nice  spot in Adventureland and the kids rode Aladdin's Magic Carpets over and over until the fireworks started.  Then we all lounged and ate sweets while watching.  All my pics during this time weren't very good...except, I do like this one, as we were leaving the second time that day.

We found out the first day that there is NO WAY to get a fast pass to the new Seven Dwarves Mine Train unless you book it 2-3 months in advance.  We physically cannot wait in the sun for a 2 hour line.  Sooo...we put everyone to bed early the night before our second day in Magic Kingdom and woke up early enough to actually be AT THE GATE (after riding the monorail from parking) at opening.  We were some of the first people there.  But we found out they all had the same plan.  No problem though.

 When we were let in we trekked, at a brisk pace to the back of the park.  We got to walk right into the line.  It moved VERY quickly, and they had lots of pretty things to distract you during your wait and a surprising amount of shade. We didn't actually have time to dawdle in line, we marched straight through, and rode the Seven Dwarves Mine Train!  It was beautiful and fun.  And then, after about 1 minute, it was over.  :)

  (clyde in this next one...crackin me up)


The kids' favorite...Thunder Mountain!!  This was ridden several times.

Everyone, but Sherry and Papa rode Splash Mountain twice.  They took great pics for us!!  We loved it!

And I lucked out again the second day!  After eating, at Tony's again, the line for Mickey was 10 min, so of course, we were all over that!  THIS Mickey was AMAZING!!  I've never seen him before.  His eyes blink and he talks (in real Mickey voice) to you.  He even spoke Japanese to some Japanese ladies in front of us.  Had better pics, but I kinda liked this candid of Lucy's happy face while he signed an autograph, Iris's shy one, and Clyde's rather bored one ;)

*Side note-  While we were at Magic Kingdom the second day, Iris had a bad syncope episode and passed out.  She had been not feeling well for a while, so we sent everyone else off to enjoy while we tried to cool her off.  It didn't work.  I had no sooner had Stephen ask where first aid was, when paramedics were rushing toward us with a stretcher.  We didn't need them though, as the ladies who ran a face painting booth, gave me and Iris (who was clutching me like a baby koala) a reclining seat.  They proceeded to spray water all over her and pack her down with Stephen's ever-ready cold packs, and dote on her, and check her color.  They did so much to help and were amazing.  The paramedics (once we convinced them we were good to go) left us with a wheelchair with which to wheel her out.  I relay all of this, because I love how great Disney is in all sorts of situations... this being yet another.

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