Monday, January 4, 2016

Another Little Girl Sleepover

These three just love each other like there's no tomorrow.  Unfortunately their Mommies are slow at getting them together.

Teva and Ada slept over.  They all looked so cute and cuddly on the sofa bed in front of the Christmas tree.

The next day was a happening day.  Jason's Deli....

Christmas shopping for big sisters!

Reading at B&N...

And then we spontaneously decided to Gooney Golf, because we heard that Clyde had just done it with Aunt Sherry. he got to go TWICE!!

When Ada got cold, my boy wrapped her up in his coat.  (SWOON)  Love him!

Then we went to the Spin Zone... I think this was EVERY ONE'S favorite!!!

Then to Starbucks where 1 brother heroically lifted 3 little girls!

After the perfect ending to the perfect day, we went home and thanked Daddy for unknowingly sponsoring our grand adventures.  He graciously didn't pass out and smiled at us ;)

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