Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saturday Crammed with Too Much Fun

I had dreams of grandeur, and had planned out a perfect Saturday.  It was to start with riding bikes downtown: me, my 3 kids, plus McKellan.  I brought 2 bikes in the back of my van, so I only needed 3 more.

Turns out you may only pay by credit card and you may only rent 2 bikes per credit card.  So I was only able to rent two bikes.  Guess who ran?  Here's my view....

That's right, I chased the sweet energy feeled pre/teenagers through 2 parks, over a walking bridge and back.  I was SO exhausted, but still had fun (once I cooled down from my anger at the bike people.)  The only hang-up was Iris has some panic issues (particularly concerning me) and was having a very difficult time staying within a 5 yard radius of my while she was on a bike and I was on foot.  For her it was an hour of torture...for everyone else, a jolly good time...for me, somewhere in the middle.

The "castle"

Then we picnicked...

We went cardboarding...

And just generally explored...

Before going to see Zootopia!  Awesome!!

While waiting for our seats at Sticky Fingers, we  visited a VERY interesting old bookstore!  I know I've been here before, but I think that was before she started spinning and selling yarn and keeping a yorkshire terrier who bites the customers, but doesn't have teeth.  :)  She told me I better buy McKellan a cookbook...and she was not the kind of lady I know how to say "no" to.  Also, you find your own bag and there is no cash register.  Just hand the lady spinning the yarn $2.

Sticky Fingers!!!!  It's been YEARS!  The ribs are still PERFECT!

Ice Cream!!!


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